A short history of Mehar Bukhari


Karachi: Mehar Bukhari, the controversial hostess of Dunya TV news channel, is among those faces made their debut in the electronic media in the past one decade and gradually attained reputation as an outspoken and an influential anchorperson in the national political scenario.

Without any prior experience of journalism, Bukhari was become the part of launching team of Samaa TV in 2007 and manipulated public opinion on the social and political issues of the country through her talk shows.

Nai Rahei

She became anchorperson of the program “Nai Rahei”, which highlighted the issues of the women in urban and rural areas initially. Later on the focused of program was shifted on issues of Pakistan’s society and its problems.

Mehar came in the limelight when a fake footage in her program in which Tribal areas Taliban lashed out a young girl publicly on the pretext of illicit relationship with a man.

The program gained reputation with obvious high rating and become leading topic of every TV channel and newspaper.

Though the video provided by Samar Minallah was later declared as faked by the court of law since there was no such incident reported by police however its impacts were widespread at the time it was raised.

News Beat

Mehar Bukhari was later made the hostess of political show “News Beat” in which she appeared to be more blatant and confident interviewing top political leaders of the country on different topics.

She conducted many successful live shows and attained viewers’ attentions in few months as credible and brave anchorperson.

In 2010, her photos with CIA official in US Embassy were surfaced on internet and social media that caused dent to her credibility first time as her fans were heart-broken with her gestures shown in the snaps.

Though there were other female anchorpersons belonging to different news channels seen in the photos but Bukhari can be seen more frankly with male US officials, which is unacceptable in our society and raised many questions on her partiality as media person.

In the same year in August, a video footage of Mehar Bukhari was uploaded and shared widely on Youtube and Facebook in which she looked to be very close to the federal ministers (Qamar uz Zama Kaira and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf)  who had been criticized in her show.

Fatwa on Salman Taseer

In 2011, she telecasted fatwa of a local scholar on the killing of slain Salman Taseer that invited harsh criticism and reactions from liberal scholars on the content of her show.

She lost her job in Samaa TV after Mr Taseer was assassinated.

Crossfire at Dunya News

Mehar Bukhari joined Dunay TV in May 2011 against handsome salary of more than one million rupees. She started conducted her  show “Crossfire” after couple of months and continued to hold talk shows on national political issues to play a vital role in making public opinion through leading news channel.

Marriage with Kashif Abbasi

She came in the limelight again in November 2011 when she got married with Kashif Abbasi, a senior anchor of ARY News Channel. Her husband is considered though a decent anchor but he could not influence her professional career positively as she continued to carry out controversial programs.

Dunya Leaks Scandal

And now in June 2012, she has been exposed by a leaked video conducting a “planted show” for manipulation of public opinion in the favor of Malik Riaz, a real estate tycoon.

The show not only created mess in Dunya News and media industry but also grabbed the attention of supreme judiciary of the country, which ordered an inquiry of the program after a day.

The co-host of the program, Mubashir Lucman, was suspended by Dunya News management but her fate has yet to be decided.

Bukhari though tried in vain to explain about the content of the program at her show but she has lost a majority of her fans and viewers who got surprised and enraged to watch her gestures and conversations in the off-air time of talk shows.

In the span five years, the career of Mehar Bukhari was full with successes, controversies and scandals. Now the viewers of the TV channels will decide whether her show should be watched or not.


  1. Dear Mehar, today I knew u r quite influencial lady……can u please arrange my multiple entry visa  of USA, I will pray for your progress in life.

  2. where are we going.    .Are we muslim.        we are showing the world that look we are muslims our poltitions,our barocrates, our   poliece and eve nour enchores are also corrupt.
    we should spend our lives as    ALLAH     wants and as prophet   MUHAMMAD   sayes.
              please please please be good be realistic be a real muslim.ALLAH help us all
                          to spend a meaning and aimfull life.

  3. they just want money and cheap popularity…they can never be sincere with pakistan…i think she should get punishment because she is also taking part fo spoiling pakistan and i think it should be done as soon as possible

  4. ye islamic republic of pakistan k barai ma program krti ha aur dupatta isay lena nae ata aur na he leti ha iss ko nikal dena chahea batain iss tara krti ha jsai iss k baap ka pakistan ha…bitch

  5. Ap sab longon ki batein par par bohat afsos ho raha hai ke Sab ki kitni bazaari zubanein hain kisi ke dil me be khuda khofi nahi hai. Kisi ki chand mangarat yani edited photos par itni gandi gandi batein kehi ja rahi hein ke eik aqle saleem rakhney wala insaan kabi nahi keh sakta. Eik achey musalman se ye tawaqo kese ho sakti hai eik musalman ke liye itne behooda or nashaista alfaaz istimaal kiye jaein. Har insaan agr apne girebaan me munh daal kar dekhey ke wo kitna gunegaar hai to kabi kisi musalman orat ke barey me esey jumley kabi na kahe.
    Musalman ki zubaan be musalman hi honi chahye. Ap (SAW) ne farmaya ke musalman jab baat karey to usey chahye ke wo achi baat karey ya kam az kam khamoosh rahey.
    Thankyou for reading my coments and i sincerely hope you will all take my comments on board.

  6. i,m speechless,whats going on in my country,,,,,,,,,there should be some punishment,,let them know how they play with feelings of nation,,,,

  7. Dear Pakistani,s
    Kia ho gia hy apko? Ap log apni behn betio ko b nai chorte. Apni gandi zehniat ka azhar krte rehte hen. dosro ki traf unglian othate rehte ho. Apne ghr jail ki trah lagte hen k sara din galio men hote ho ya kam pe or sb ko apne jesa h smjte ho. Mehar bukhari is a tallented girl. Let her do her job. If she is beautiful, this is natural.
    Achi soorat b kia buri shay he.
    Jis ne daali burri nzr daali.

    Allah ap sb ko insaniat ka aala darja ataa kre or apni hifz o amaan men rakhe. Aameen

  8. Ghashti Meher Shakal sa he ghashti lagti hey behan choud kohi special qism ke CHUPA SPECLIST lagti hey Gashti na kohi be acha kam nahi kiya hey pakistan ke sirf or sorf badnami karviw == hey     SOCH ZARA SOCHIA

  9. yar mujay es meher kashif k liyay aik Gadha layna hay ta keh ye kool ho jayay. our ya es ko patanoo k hawalay karna hay, ta keh es ke gand say koyla nikal nikal kar, es k gand ke firkee katam karay. our mubashar ko be patanoo k hawalay karna hay.

  10.  CH Mubarik
    Kia kia hai madam bukhari ne. Ye sirf GEO ke team ko un se jailsi hoi hai or madam bukhari k khilaf propaganda kar rahe hain. Mere khial me kuch nai.
    Riaz malik sb ko ab Kiu khial Aya. Ye sab drama bazi hai.

    I have a great prayers for you. Ap ne apna kam kia or ye challan un logon k hote hain jo sache hote hain.

  11. I used to like Mehar Bukhari till Nai Rahein then News Beat but now she is exposed and she has destroyed her career no doubt she is very confident and bold but now we will not accept her to come on TV channels.

  12. jb aik twaif frokhat hoti hy to us ka jism bikta hy, lekin jb aik sehafi ka qlam bikta hy to puri qom bikti hy, pak awam hate mehar bukhari and mubasher luqman etc, shame for u.

  13. Luqman  Allah ny ap ko itna izat aur shohrat deya hy tu ap ko kam sy kam sab sy is country k  
    bary mein aur apny bary kush sochna chahey ta.sham sham

  14. mir jafer mir sidiq  are batter then mehar and luqman  over all. all anchors lose their cradibilty .at the same time i will request to national hero in dist bhakkar harmi AC  DC and their staff looting people more badly then zardari and ghalani please sac both AC  DC and staff .

  15. Well, who can deny that controversy sells theses days. A female anchor of Sama TV shown to have conducted an on camera raid on dating couples in Karachi a few months back. Sama TV fired her, but she was rehired immediately by ARY News. Similarly, if Mehr loses her job on Duniya TV, I can bet that we will watch this lady the very next day on another TV show.

  16. @ali I tend to agree with you. What a shame. shouldn’t we try to find out where this chain of events is going to stop? Every time there is a debate on an issue of national interest, a bigger issue is created to divert the attention of people. How many important issues have been pushed under the carpet?  

  17. The history does not give her family background, her age,and
    her academic career which wud hv been useful to the viewers.
    However, no doubt she is a very attractive woman. 

    Raza     19.6.2012   10.45pm

  18. I definitely for one , who use to hold Mehar Bokhari and Mubashir Lucman in high esteem. So much so that I stopped watching current affairs programs of Geo news and switched over to Duniya news to listen to  seemingly  honest , sincere, confident sharp and fearless anchors of Khari Bath and Cross Fire. However , little did I, and many others like me knew the real faces behind the masks. These two anchors have betrayed the trust of their listeners. I doubt if they will now ever be able to redeem that trust that they enjoyed from their listeners.




  20. I have heard Kashif is a decent person.How come he got entangled to a media prostitute,Mehr Bukhari,as declared by some one in remarks coloum

  21. she did her programme………. i think she is acting like media prostitute………….. just like prostitute she has no self respect….  shame……………… media sucks…………..

  22. [email protected]

    Mehar is a Media Terrioest and with  Luckman.My hero is only Chief Justice

  23. veena malik should  do cross fire …… mehar is totally exposed now……….. she should enjoy the villas that she  had in dubai by the help of malik riaz……………

    • please correct the ayah, its ‘dhal’ in ‘tudhilu’ and not ‘zal’ as you have written, JazakAllah khair

  24. Each and Every Anchor’s reporting is twisted in his or her favour as per the direction of there owners  including pseudo self styled intellectuals like Ansar Abbasi,Kamran Khan etc barring few. Some get caught others go scot free. But sooner or later the wrath of Allah Almighty will fall on all guilty of leading the masses astray. 

  25. irfan,
    besharam or begharat log han, eak car, eak house, eak mobile phone, eak plot ka leya ya educated log crime karta han tou phir hum asif zardari ko jo eak matric fail ha galeyan kuyn data han wo kam sa kam crime open karta ha hum educated logon ke tara ya kam tou nai karta jo mehar or mubashir na keya

  26. .Hi, Kashif Abbasi well done.You got big image.Nothing to say.Life is like that but media can change every thing.Pakistani do not know the power game it is matter of few days every thing will be alright.Pakistan is made only for corrupt people.You can fool all the people all 
    the time>Abrham Lincon was wrong. 

    • Pakistani nation is not as you described,just wait things are started settling,if God gave chance to the current SC you will see more true epesodes of such faces.Inshalah.

  27. pehly apni soch or kirdar k gireban ma jhank ker dekho sub ka yehi haal ha kabhi aap sub coments kerny walon ny apny ander ke gandagi dekhi ha.munafqat zinda bad.

    • Sympathiser,we are comenting on facts,which has effected every sincere pakistani,it does not counts for them what you advises us.

  28. Oh my God!  what kind of opinions people have for Mrs.Mehar Kasif. Probly now she will get more high  rating, but being a journalist i would now say that yeh sahafat ka janaza nikaalnay ke sazish hae.

  29. Punj + Aaab = Meher Bukhari

    Just wonder why all the News / Opinion Hosts are from Punjab?
    I mean overwhelming  predominantly 
    Meher Bukhari, Kashif Abbasi, Ansar Abbasi, Nusrat Jawed, Tariq Minhas, Hamid Mir, Muzhar Abbas,  and I can go on and on………. Conspiracy!

  30. ye kutia supreem court of pakistan ko nuqsan pohnchana chahti thi magr Allah ny iski sazish ko be naqab keya hy aur log bhi inshaAllah be naqab hongy ye ghaddar log hain jo chand sikkon ky khatir apni izzat ko bhi bech dety hain

  31. es ke oqat kia hay hum ko us din he es ko banned krna js din ye america ke ammbasy main un ke sath nach rahi they, ye sub log paisay ke pojarhi hay america ks le kata hay ke pakistani dollar ke lay apni maa bhi bach date hay,,,mjhy ak baat ke samjhnahi ate hay woo Kashif abbasi ne es ke shadi kse ke hay, ab ye mehr qatal ka qabal hay beghiraaaaaaaat ke bachi

  32. Allah jisko chahay izzat de r jisko chahe zillat…..so she got what she desrved….along with Rubbish Lucman….

    • MR. ALI….you forgeting ONE thing, “A FEMALE HAS TO SELL HER SOUL BEFORE selling their BODY”…..Selling your soul is always a first step towards any crime. How can you say that VEENA MALIK IS BETTER? ONce your SOUL is sold anything wrong could be expected from you.. don’t you think thats right?

  33. Pakistani nation ko abhe b aqal nhe aane, kch days k baad sb bhool jaenge, aur phr is k show ki rating high hojaege….v r blind n corrupt  nation….:S

  34. time and time again we are proving to world that we are a top class corrupt nation where everyone is corrupt and no one can be trusted. Whole society was corrupt internally but now at international level also we are no. 1.  Cricketers, politicians, businessmen, military and now Media also.  I am acutally not surprised with this breaking news.   As i said, whole country is corrupt.

  35. she don’t loyal with Pakistan,i beggar to description on her attitude and role which she played,against juicery , she is Faith seller lady,

    • my God!! I do not support Ms. meher or mr. lucman but at least if you call yourself educated so act sanely.. i think we forget the basic principle of Islam is to respect your enemy also but here it seems we are so sure to use bad words for the lady or for any other person.. shame on our youth who think that they are the guard of this nation..hatred should not be used to take out your personal grudge against anyone. If you want to criticise so kindly use some substantial argument instead of a very indecent word. 

    • Whatever has been her behavior, people should watch out for their language about her.  Remember we will all be held accountable for our words and deeds on the day of judgment.  So let us leave it to the judiciary to pass on judgments.