A short history of Mehar Bukhari

Karachi: Mehar Bukhari, the controversial hostess of Dunya TV news channel, is among those faces made their debut in the electronic media in the past one decade and gradually attained reputation as an outspoken and an influential anchorperson in the national political scenario.

Without any prior experience of journalism, Bukhari was become the part of launching team of Samaa TV in 2007 and manipulated public opinion on the social and political issues of the country through her talk shows.

Nai Rahei

She became anchorperson of the program “Nai Rahei”, which highlighted the issues of the women in urban and rural areas initially. Later on the focused of program was shifted on issues of Pakistan’s society and its problems.

Mehar came in the limelight when a fake footage in her program in which Tribal areas Taliban lashed out a young girl publicly on the pretext of illicit relationship with a man.

The program gained reputation with obvious high rating and become leading topic of every TV channel and newspaper.

Though the video provided by Samar Minallah was later declared as faked by the court of law since there was no such incident reported by police however its impacts were widespread at the time it was raised.

News Beat

Mehar Bukhari was later made the hostess of political show “News Beat” in which she appeared to be more blatant and confident interviewing top political leaders of the country on different topics.

She conducted many successful live shows and attained viewers’ attentions in few months as credible and brave anchorperson.

In 2010, her photos with CIA official in US Embassy were surfaced on internet and social media that caused dent to her credibility first time as her fans were heart-broken with her gestures shown in the snaps.

Though there were other female anchorpersons belonging to different news channels seen in the photos but Bukhari can be seen more frankly with male US officials, which is unacceptable in our society and raised many questions on her partiality as media person.

In the same year in August, a video footage of Mehar Bukhari was uploaded and shared widely on Youtube and Facebook in which she looked to be very close to the federal ministers (Qamar uz Zama Kaira and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf)  who had been criticized in her show.

Fatwa on Salman Taseer

In 2011, she telecasted fatwa of a local scholar on the killing of slain Salman Taseer that invited harsh criticism and reactions from liberal scholars on the content of her show.

She lost her job in Samaa TV after Mr Taseer was assassinated.

Crossfire at Dunya News

Mehar Bukhari joined Dunay TV in May 2011 against handsome salary of more than one million rupees. She started conducted her  show “Crossfire” after couple of months and continued to hold talk shows on national political issues to play a vital role in making public opinion through leading news channel.

Marriage with Kashif Abbasi

She came in the limelight again in November 2011 when she got married with Kashif Abbasi, a senior anchor of ARY News Channel. Her husband is considered though a decent anchor but he could not influence her professional career positively as she continued to carry out controversial programs.

Dunya Leaks Scandal

And now in June 2012, she has been exposed by a leaked video conducting a “planted show” for manipulation of public opinion in the favor of Malik Riaz, a real estate tycoon.

The show not only created mess in Dunya News and media industry but also grabbed the attention of supreme judiciary of the country, which ordered an inquiry of the program after a day.

The co-host of the program, Mubashir Lucman, was suspended by Dunya News management but her fate has yet to be decided.

Bukhari though tried in vain to explain about the content of the program at her show but she has lost a majority of her fans and viewers who got surprised and enraged to watch her gestures and conversations in the off-air time of talk shows.

In the span five years, the career of Mehar Bukhari was full with successes, controversies and scandals. Now the viewers of the TV channels will decide whether her show should be watched or not.

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