Mubashir Luqman-Mehr Bokhari fiasco: Naseem Zehra quits Dunya TV

Karachi: Naseem Zehra, a prominent Journalist and Director Current Affairs of Dunya TV has resigned from her position on Thursday subsequently the fiasco of leaked video containing planted interview of Malik Riaz with Mubashir Lucman and Mehr Bukhari.

Naseem Zehra was the channel’s Director Current Affairs and hostess of a programme “Policy Matters”. She tendered her resignation reportedly after the leaked video got attention of judiciary and the masses as bad omen.

Earlier, Mubashir Lucman who hosted a two-hour long current affairs show with real estate tycoon, Malik Riaz was suspended over his on-aired and off-aired remarks in the interview.

Mehr Bukhari, the co-host of the program, though explained later about the video footage and its content surfaced through Youtube but she is struggling to save her job in Duny TV, which management is also considering her to fire or suspend.

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  1. Heraa said:

    I hated the guy anyway, extremely self obsessed and proud, huh moreover batameez, no matter who u are, u r no one to speak to anyone like the way u do.
    Serves him well, he should be banned from joining any news channel

  2. R Imtiaz said:

    While, it’s true to an extent that the off-air talk of anchors is usually casual, the video in question has proven much beyond.. it cannot be denied that the video has brought to light the epidemic corruption that plagues not only our politicians but also our judiciary and as this episode has proven our media as well.. it is an eye-opener..

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  4. Ilyas4u said:

    nasim zahra….. we love you…… shukar hy aap mehar ke thara besharam nahi banee

  5. Mazhar Shahzad said:

    Nasim Zehra is educated lady and she took the right step 

  6. Jahangir Mohmand said:

    but the channel is the most responsible for all this drama.. will you ban it? any protest against it? people should ask the cable suppliers to stop it… anchors are just puppet.. mian amir is the big culprit…

  7. Born2win said:

    Mubashir is suspended but Mehr still enjoys her job. Apart from who is right and who is wrong, since “females are ‘always’ encouraged to apply”, so this encouragement is not limited to applying only. Instead, it goes on and on when there is a hiring, a promotion, an increment, etc. However, when it comes to suspension, males are always encouraged to be the victim! Does the concept of equal opportunity really exist?

  8. realist said:

    Well done Ms Naseem Zehra. Maybe Moby and Mehra can also follow your footsteps and accept wrong doing.

  9. miratif said:

    Ms. Nasim Zehra, I was actually worried when I saw you trying to deny or evade the whole drama. You have lived up to your expectations by resigning. Well done!
    Luqman and Meher Bukhari should be fired immediately, this would help get SOME dignity back for the channel. Obviously this operation could not have been carried out without taking owners of the channel into confidence.
    My advice to all politicians, journalists and analysts would be to boycott Duniya News.

  10. Jib6 said:

    What ever Mubashir and Mehr did off-air, it was nothing different from other anchors. Mubashir talked about laptop scandal in detail few days back and now he is in hot water by Nawaz paid anchors.

  11. sana786 said:

    both should be sacked and should not get job anywhere they are also, in the same boat of zardari….

  12. S Raza said:

    Well Done Ms. Naseem. Hats of to person who leaked this video. Kashif get rid of this Dirty Bitch before having a New Set of Bloody Cheater Journalist from her.

  13. Abbasfranovi said:

    both (mubashir luqman and mehar bukhari) should be hanged so that so one repeat such kind of fixed programme.

  14. Zain Ch said:

    Comon guys!! I don’t think Mehr and Luqman did anything wrong while carrying on there duties. Freedom of speech should prevail. What we do in our private lives and off record is nobody’s business. Sometimes generalists and media people have to pretend since it was a high profile interview. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was even talking to Zardari instead of Gilani’s bunny.

    • realist said:

      Now would be good time for your head to out of where the sun don’t shine

  15. Zulfi said:

    People with honor and prestige take right steps like Zahra. well done. And Laanat on Mubashar and Mahr Bukhari, You guys ahve lost all of ur respect. Learn from Zahra

  16. Mk_123 said:

    I just dont understand why everybody is acting so surprised, with everything going on in this country to think some how   the media is immune to all these deseases is rediculous.and yes I admire naseems decision.

  17. nabeel said:

    now she is giving lame excuses for equitting the anchors and dunya news and trying to explain that it is a common practice on every tv channel. She wants her position back on dunya news. Who knows…

  18. Humayunkhalil said:

    I always had high respect for Nasim Zehra, her action has further elevated her.
    Keep up the good morals.

  19. Feroz Barkat Alo said:

    After our esteem politicians some how these greedy anchors have also come into light. These people are playing with the Bride of the Nation & its people. All things whether good or bad come to light one day & success only comes where there is truth. Long live CJ

  20. Shah said:

    I think Mubasir Luqman did nothing wrong,during the break time all anchors talk to different politician and even its planted interview so what , just try to understand what their agenda. They just wanted to exposed that we all are corrupted. so whats wrong in it ….

    • realist said:

      If that is the case don’t act high and mighty when other people are guilty.

    • realist said:

      If that is the case don’t act high and mighty when other people are guilty.

  21. Pmahmood said:

    Hats off to this lady, this is character un-like that Mehar Bukhari or what ever she is and Luqman

  22. Kashaf Khan15 said:

    naseem zehra escape before scendle against him
    all dunya news anchor person”s are player of media gardi
    and all news channel make fool to peoples/donkeys

  23. Zain Ch said:

    I still think that Luqman should be given a benefit of doubt based on his past good work. I have been watching his programs for a long time now and infact he was my favorite anchor as he faced people in power with courage. Whatever happened in the interview might be linked to a conspiracy to malign his and Mehr’s career. Until I hear from Mr Luqman again I cannot come to a one sided conclusion. The question is “Why he did this”, we shall all give him a chance to clearify before we start digging his grave.

    • realist said:

      for a VILLA and for missing the obvious you should be tied up with all the other cows

    • realist said:

      for a VILLA and for missing the obvious you should be tied up with all the other cows

  24. Akhtar3145 said:

    I fully endorse the views of saurabh from India. When the matter is of such importance this off air talk cannot just be written off as some sort of Indiscretion. It was nice to see that a person from India provide a very convincing analysis of this case. Thank you Saurab. The people of our two countries should support each other.


  25. Hirokokijiya said:

    Meher is shame proof and luqman revealed as a dirty man on this earth, specially Pakistan,,
    Kashif Abassi, immediately leave her, otherwise you will have a new born corrupt  journalist from her.
    Nasim well done,,,

  26. khan said:

    just wanted to give my regards to the person who leaked this video. thank you.

  27. Jasoos said:

    Q:  Why Bukhari in not suspended yet
    A:   because she is woman

  28. Ashraf said:

    Nobody is an angel. Not Meher, not the CJ. Everybody should face trial.

  29. Jawadhabib882 said:

    Its a matter of shame for lucman.Such a class hypocrite.I dont know what else can he be called.shameless and dirty.I feel like smashing the TV now.And rto think he was born in a respectable army officers house.Shame on you u two faced liar and cheat.You are no better than tyhe rest of the debauch thieves and lechers that are running this unfortunate country.and i mean from top to bottom.Do they have any shame watever.itnay be ghairat.and what to talk about that cheap harlot Mehr Bokhari.All i can say is that to what extent wont she go to earn money.And i mean whatever extent.Get my point.I pity Kashif Abbasi for having such a woman as his wife and sharing his life and house.Allah Help us.

  30. Sharjeel Hassan said:

    Allah nay Haq k khilaf datt janay walon ki Dhajiyan ura deen.

  31. Directorrandw said:

    I back Mr. Azeem he is right, i also pay regard to Usman who at least tell ethics how to talk on a social media

    • realist said:

      Now would be good time for your head to out of his ass and smell the reality “it stinks in there”

    • realist said:

      Now would be good time for your head to out of his ass and smell the reality “it stinks in there”

  32. Altaf ahmad said:

    nothing i have to say what should we trust where should we go to know true 

  33. Qaiser K. Ahmed said:

    The intent of the program was to subvert the thought process to form a negative opinion of the Chief Justice, and at the same time promote Malik Riaz’s point of view as the victimized . The program should be shut down . Luqman and Mehr should be fired.

  34. Muhammad Azeem said:

    I think Dunia management should not be apologetic and fight against the attack of Geo and pro channels.The of-air talk of anchors is and the guest is always casual and sometime of track and personal.Dunia must have presented of air recording of Geo which are available on you tube.This taking action against the anchors and announcing  is nearly accepting the guilt.It was not any guilt and it was a conspiracy and this must have been exposed and brought before the people.

    • AJ said:

      what a stupid justification from M. Azeem. I think you need to listen the whole off recording discussion. Orders came from management and they were constantly watching the progress of the discussion. Management is more responsible than anchors if common sense prevails. Channel should be shut down once for all!!

      • Mehdi Ali said:

         Brother he has too much fat in his brain which has hindered in its normal functioning otherwise he wouldn’t had posted a comment like that so just leave him be

        • Usman said:

           Even if he is right or wrong, but the way you talked, its not the right way of discussion. Just prove things by telling how he is wrong, not by saying fat brains etc etc

          • Muhammad Azeem said:

            AJ and Mehdi Ali,I have nothing to say about your way of talking.I will concentrate on the issue.You both do not know anything about the process of television production.Muhammad Azeem has produced more than six hundred talk shows with legendary anchors and compares of Pakistan.The show is planned,discussed,recorded.and telecast with the watchfull supervision of the producer/director and controller of the deptt.For live programs, sometimes  the moment to moment guidance is required.The guest is always free to contact his people during off time.Before the light is on for recording in the studio,anchors and guests go on talking, discussing and planning.The last thing on which these friends spoke was response of the Dunia. The recorded content, anchors  and the guest is property of the channel and they are supposed to own it and defend it.To hit back is must because it was a conspiracy and the Dunia has  rightly started its aggressive and desired role.

          • MuslimPakistan said:

            You seemed very funny in your comments. People like you deserve the presidency of Zardari. 

          • Qaiserrabbani said:

            watch talat husains take on this matter. it will give you an idea of what is and what isnt done in an interview even when its off air

          • Saurabh said:

            I think its ridiculous, I am an Indian and have been following dunya news drama. I think everyone in here will agree that there is always casual environment during the off air between anchor and guest. But in my view its preposterous to defend the whole argument when the country and its citizens are on stake and labeling off air contents as a company’s property.

            If we think along the lines of Muhammad Azeem it would be like – anchor and guest during break time discussing where to plant bomb or how to break the backbone of the country. On the otherhand telecasting company upon the leak of this conspiracy comes to its defense by yelling its their company’s property rather than dealing with the real issue.    

            Its beyond belief, what goes behind the curtains in media, be it of Pakistan or India or any other country.

            May god help us.


    • Sharjeel Hassan said:

       Mr. Azeem are you with Dunya TV or Islamic Republic Of Pakistan ??? Personalities and Organizations doesn’t matter, Pakistan is changing for which we were waiting for 60 years…. Now Time is coming Inshallah and CJ is a symbol Of Hope……… and these mindless corrupt people are trying to play with our destiny………. Your Name is Muhammad Azeem and If If If you have some knowledge of Islam….. its biggest Jihaad….Pakistan is turning towards truth and Sons of Iblees are trying to push it Back…. Keep in mind its not Pakistan its Islamic Republic Of Pakistan…….which Inshallah one become the part of Khilafat e Islamia Inshallah………. Pls think about it

    • Adil said:

      Are you dumb man? They were feeding him questions and answers and taking suggestions from him about what to ask and you think it is normal. We are so behind because of retards like you

    • realist said:

      Now would be good time for your head to out of his ass and smell the reality “it stinks in there”