“Mubashir Luqman had affairs with film actresses Resham and Zara Sheikh”


The conspiracy to malign the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ended up with an expose of media after an off the record talk of Mubashir Lucman, Meher Bokhari and Malik Riaz surfaced on the internet.

Mubashir Lucman is very well known in media circles for his contradictory personality.

He  was a cabinet member of General Pervez Musharraf and diehard opponent of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Lucman also issued a “Fatwa” against Chief Justice in his show saying the CJ is liable to be killed after May 12 mayhem during Musharraf regime .

He was complete failure in the film industry and used his relations to penetrate in media industry but was not liked by his colleague.

Mr Lucman’s scandal with film actresses Resham and Zara Sheiklh had been doing the round in the media.

Meher Bokhari, who considers herself a bold anchor person, is also well known as people have seen her in the arms of Americans; some say US secret agents, with some other female anchors.


  1. I Personally believe all this is a load of rubbish. the press is allways trying to give politicians and celeberites a bad name

  2. Now, these news are without any proves and must not be scattered. Scattering such news without any prove is the way of Hypocrates, so avoid it

  3. We all know the back ground of our actresses.Birds of same feather flock together.If Luckman had affairs with them,he must be from same localiy.Thanks

  4. its really shocking and sad and regarded as black day for journalist , i lost my trust on all talks show rather than a comic shows, ALL FORIGN viewers r ashemed and emberssed on revealing their loyalty and sincerty with their nation and even their profession of these journalist who r just hunting fame and wealth and so called scoring ‘ electronic media is victom of their own naked sword today becoz they never followed any code and manner of conduct since their liberty in pakistan ‘ please wake b4 its too late my country fellows , media ,politician, judicery ,berucracy ,establisment so called , they all protecting their motives in their own way but only unfortunately public is sleeping . pls wake up 

  5. Meher Bukhari’s both looks and character (embassy drink +dance party) strongly resemble with Mussarat Shaheen the moview ACTRESS of 80s.

  6. both Mehar Bukhari and Luqman should be banned forever. Even Duniya Chanel as well. Kashif Abbasi should also volunteer resigned because it seems he is also
     black sheep.