Gopi Bahu replaced from “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”

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Mumbai: After doing a dance in a reality show on another channel, the star actress Jiaa Manek (aka Gopi bahu) has been fired from popular drama serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus).

Jiaa now joins the ‘replaced’ stars’ club of Priyal Gor (Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori…Ram Milaayi Jodi), Rati Pandey (Miley Jab Hum Tum), Mishal Raheja (Laagi Tujhse Lagan), Amar Upadhyay, Smriti Irani (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi), Eijaz Khan (Shubh Vivah), Iqbal Khan (Karam Apna Apna) and Mona Wasu (Parichay) who were all unceremoniously dropped from their shows when they were at the peak of their stardom!

Blame it on starry tantrums, unprofessional behaviour or not-so-good equations with the production house/channel, the one time heartthrobs were replaced overnight from their prime time glory without much ado.

View of Industry people about firing an actor/actress from a production:

A member of the Cine and TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) and Producer Sudhir Sharma said: “Creatively it is a huge setback for a production house when a star leaves an ongoing show. We take months to cast an actor, train him and then groom him.

“Broadcasters have to be strict with stars who do not abide by the rules to maintain discipline. Only then will the TV industry function well.”

Priyal Gor says, “It is disappointing for an actress to be replaced. When you move to another production house, people question you which is insulting.”

Actor Hiten Tejwani, who’s replaced Cezanne Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput in the past, said that everyone from the channel, production house to the actor suffers in the process.

“An actor is sacked when there’s no room for discussion and it’s the final step,” he said.

221 Responses to " Gopi Bahu replaced from “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” "

  1. princess says:

    plz old gopi ko wapis lai ayn pratyusha banerjee bhi to ek bahu the wo to serail main a rahi the pher giaa nai kya kiya new gopi kesi ko pasand nahi jis waja sai yai serail ko koi like nai karta plz plzzzzzz old gopi is best come back gopi

  2. Samiaamin23 says:

    We want the old gopi back.The new gopi  is no fun. And the new gopi you would do this to the old gopiAnd new gopi bring the old gopi back.

  3. Hima bindhu says:

    we are fan of gopi……..we will watch that serial for gopi…but, gopi has changed………..we felt unhappy

  4. Preethaani says:

     new gopi not suitable for that character poor selection no one can replace the old gopi please change

  5. Newgub says:

    This new girl is freaking horrible she can’t act her face is weird looking. Bring the original girl

  6. Gmail Com says:

    Omg new gopi ugly, crap. Old gopi perfect in everyday. Bring her back.

  7. Mathv says:

    Bring the original gopi back. The new 1 is ugly and hopeful get rid of her she’s only hurting the show

  8. Dsatv says:

    Bring the pretty girl back (jiaa Manek). And take the ugly 1 away. This new girl she doesn’t know how to act she’s horrible. bring the original girl back

  9. saritha says:

    itz very boring serial…..

  10. Bhagyawanniarachchi says:

    yes i agree with u salman

  11. Fatboy says:

    Gopi is now a  Slag… i’m sorry but i am crying at my desktop. i loved gopi and i think the new one is Fuck-ugly and is a man whore. i think she should stop wearing a sari because everyone knows she has a 21inch dick.

  12. Popyjoseph says:

    please replace old gopi

  13. Ruhela1 says:

    gopi see you tv

  14. Zureidy says:

    I am from the US and loved to watch Saathiya even when I did not understood perfect hindi…now I dont see the point of seen the serie what a shame….a really good serie was ruined… least they should had looked for someone similar the new gopi does even resemble the old gopi. Broadcasters dont know how to do a good program should be fired not the cast…is to start from zero….I wish old gopi to come back…miss her on tv

  15. Lathigaravidhi says:

    i think that because giaa is replaced trp of sath nibhana……… is less jiaa shauld come back

  16. Roshanjahan says:


  17. prema krishnan says:

    for audience’s wishes bring old gopi……….. from TAMILNADU

  18. Maa says:

    east and west giaa is the best iam totally agree with you giaa come back play role of gopi bahu she is suite and like this role 

  19. Prema says:

    we like old gopi. she is only suitable for that character. i am prema from tamilnadu, namakkal (dt).we dont know hindi…….. but my family will watch whole the serials of Star utsav. our suggestion is to change the old gopi for viewers….

  20. Suckmydick says:

    old gopi was kicked out for doing drugs…..dont you know you are all idiots. but plz old gopi come back ahem wants you to do blowjob and do anal fuck cos new gopi doesnt know how to suck…..this is for india idiots

  21. Nimrat_rani00 says:

    plzzzzzzzzz old gopi ko waps bhulaho we very misss old gopi is new gopi ko dekh kar hamain to nend hi aahjati se  so plz chang this gopi………………………..

  22. Mani Sudarsan says:

    want old gopi 

  23. Chahat baddhan says:

     Saathiya is incomplete without without the sath of GIYA……….I hate new gopi..
    please come back jiya…..please

    • Chahat baddhan says:

      Jiya…….Please come back…. we miss you a lot….. …..STAR PLUS please bring our Jiya  back to
      the show….Its our humble request

  24. xxx'Nina'xxx says:

    I miss the old Gopi. The new Gopi doesn’t look like the old Gopi and it seems reallt strange. It takes time to get used to the new one. Now there’s no old Gopi it seems like Ahem doesn’t like the new Gopi and it looks like he doesn’t show any love. How can the new Gopi be pregnant when the old one was a bit fatter than the new one?? No offence new Gopi :$

  25. salalita says:

    We do agree with Salma’s comment please we want old Gopi to come back…

  26. Sumz says:

    the new gopi sucks !

  27. star plus and makers and producers of saathiya plz bring back our gia…… if she went to dance reality show then wat happen she not done any serial na…. she sinceer with only your serial na… plz agar aap yhe sochte hi ke gia wrong hi.. nahi wo wrong nahi…its k uski taraf se hum mafi mangthe hi plz bring her back… if any serial ka hero heroin dance reality show mai baag lethe ho to thab serial ka trp…bahuth jaadha badega… plz….. ek bar sochiye gia ko vapis layihe plz…… gia plz come back we miss you lot……….sorry for new gopi but  with out gia its not a serial….. no one suits our gia….. i am from south. gia you have lot of fans in south also… me and in my home all are your fans…

  28. insha salmani says:

    new gopi is not good old gop[i is so sweet so pretty so lovely she is very beautyful n idont like new gopi  not my complete family watch yhis show before replace old gopi bt now we dont watch tht show  i knw tht rashi is so sweet bt   so than  nayi gopi preeto k show me bahut tez thi  or isme bhi tez lagti hai uski ankhein chalti rehti hai usko acting karni ni ati bholapan usme hai hi nahi kyoki vo zyadater show me negetive roles me nazar ayi hai isliye us par ye role suit ni karta gopi agar change hi ki thi to koi new face ki entry honi chahiye thi 

  29. Anuvij says:

    please replace new gopi…she is just making this serial more borin g bay by day!!!! her way of speaking sounds so artificial!!1 i was big fan of this show but now i don t like watching it at all!!!

  30. moti ram says:

    come back gopi please we miss your  kanna ji no one else can play your role my kids can not sleep whit out watching your show  we pray to your kanna ji come back and we want to here you say kanna ji come back if you dont there is no point watching saather we dont even like  the new gopi she cant play your role my three children miss you on saather please come back gopi kaana ji mgp nitro and moti famliy

  31. Seema_taran says:

    I do understnad that there has have been some good reasons for the producers to replace Gia. But I feel that in order to replace such a strong character, you should have found someone who can compete witht eh old Gopi. The new one is nither pretty nor can act.

  32. Sherine says:

    dear Old Gopi 
    We really miss you. the show is not the same. Is there a chance of your coming back ?
    I hope so   from sherine

  33. Aswinisharadha says:

    yea…i agree wid u salma…d new 1 deos not match…..we luv u…jia….

  34. Officebakcupfiles says:

    why change the gopi she apt for that pls try to change again manek as gopi becoz she is right for character from starting onwards gopi means manek we cannot see any one as gopi try to change otherwise serial will be lost becoz she was faced all bad incidents with hero but now romantic scenes are comencing with new heroience this is right sir. pls change manek

  35. Poojamanasi says:

    saath nibhana saathiya hs bcum worst nw coz of new gopi.. now d interest hs gone… really everyone needs old gopi.. plz bring her back… other wise dis serial will be in loss…

  36. Jesunahmed says:

    pls come back to our 1st gopi bohu.pls…………..pls forgive’s our country people request.

       iren from Bangladesh.

  37. Jyothikamble says:

    pls get back gopi . with out u .we r nt intrested watching t.v . nw . ppppppppplsssssssss commmmmmmmmmeeeeee back …….we want old gopi .

  38. Aliza Syed24 says:

    please old gopi come back we really miss u I am from pakistan and we watch your drama. new gopi is not good her acting is boring and the old gopi is awesome she is not old for me she is very pretty and cute sooo please….. we all pakistanis watch your drama please dont go anywhere and come back soon

  39. faritha banu says:

    dear star team
            hai im from TAMIL NADU…we too want old gopi back…otherwise the serialis very boaring….Its request from not only tamilian…but the whole world request you to give back our gopi….otherwise we promise that we wont watch sathiya… 

  40. N_atch says:

    i have stopped watching it too since day one

  41. Cheryldemenezes says:

    Dear Star team,
    pls take jiaa manek bk..the serial will never be the same !!!! will miss it

  42. Deepak sood says:

    Dear Star team,
    Pls take back the OLd gopi otherwise its useless to see this serial.Its a request from Muskan and Karan……We miss u GOPI…..

  43. Harini ranganathan ashokan says:

    come back gopi plwase ………….

  44. Asad9 says:

    please come back gopi ,we miss you very much.

  45. kunal kaul says:

    new gopi cant replace gia (old gopi) .she cant even copy old gopi style and i think  she shouldnt  do tht .she should act her own way keeping in mind the character of gopi in the serial  .she should show her own talent ..but otherwise old gopi is gopi ..nobody can act like the way gia manek acted in the show .

  46. Rumaztra says:

    gia manek is the best …no one can replace her place …… servant who was a bigggg  biggg fan of gopi ….after she saw that gopi is replaced  …she has stoped watching sathiya …because gia manek  is not acting there  …i myself also stopped watching sathiya …  -_-  plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  plz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   bring her back   …….we  want 2222222222  see  gia manek  back …….

    • Kuet Kajol says:

      theres no point of anyone watching saathiya anymore . read all of theesee comments everyone wants the old gopi . the person that made saathiya should feel ashamed to bring such people in saathiya that cant act . the old gopi had slept in bed  with ahem soo how did the new gopi become pregnant you fools!!!!!!! 

  47. Ruchi Ahuja says:

    Wht d hell….y the directors replace Gia manek….
    i dont think that u do a right justic wid gia….in Jhalak Dikhla ja gia is not only Daily soap actor who participate in dance show….in JDJ Dance show Pritosha urf ANANDI also participate ….to use nikala kya bak=lika vadhu se….sch a fool u r…..close your serial other wise u go in lost by low TRP….
    No 1 wnt to see new Gopi…wo b esi ladki jo not suits as a Gopi Fool….

  48. Mac48 says:

    Change Ahem instead. That man has only one expression. It’s almost as if his face was carved out of wood. People may disagree with me, but in my opinion the best actress on that show is Rashi

  49. Mehjabein29 says:

    i have already stoped watching the drama, new gopi looks fake, now that ahem and gopi where having happy times they replaced gopi, very dishearttend, 

  50. Emerald says:

    I think the new Gopi will never be able to take the place of the old Gopi, and this is because we have gotten used to the old Gopi. Jia made a mistake, she should not have done what she did, she went against producers and although the matter was small Jia still messed up. There’s no point in hating the new Gopi, Jia is the one who made the mistake and got fired! 

  51. Anita25 says:

    daily i was watching sath nibhana sathiya but the day when new gopi has entered in sath nibhana sathiya, i have stopped watchng this serial. so pls directors, bring back old gopi soon.  

  52. Rashmikhudana says:

    plz come back gopi

  53. Rinkukhudana says:


  54. Kaviabi Abi195 says:

    jiaa manek : please come for saath nibhana saathya serial.please please please!!!!! by tamilnadu fans :chitra & kavitha

  55. Achitha_reddy39 says:

    without old gopi da serial was so boring ………. get da gopi backkkkkkkk 
    gopi pls cum back

  56. Sanjeetakumari says:

    there is no interest now to watch sathiya after changing old gopi.

    • SurajKatkar says:

       Stop lying to youself you very well know that you still watch the day everyday, do you know why? its because you guys are addicted to this pathetic star channel.

  57. Juliemaureen says:

    this is not fair .not only gopi changed the whole serial is changed, it is boring

  58. Iffat-babar says:

    this was my favorite show but after the change of gopi bahu i did not see even a single episode. 

  59. Tanugula says:

    We want old gopi back…gopi(gia) is attached with every other character of saathiya and also to the viewers…
    The production team of Saathiya must understand that they make serials for audience and we,the audience are their main source…so they should consider our requests in getting back old gopi despite of their personal conflictions with gia…
    Nothing is important for them than running saathiya serial successfully…there’s gonna be drastic change for u(production team) if this new gopi continues in the show…the production team will loose their viewers..
    .if you dont bother of losing us, then dont telecast on starplus and just make the serial for your sake and just u guys watch.You are hurting lakhs of saathiya serial fans and also gopi’s fans…
    we are very much involved with old gopi and we cannot even imagine any other person in her place…

  60. Puri says:

    the serial is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring without old gopi,her acting was soooooooooooo sweet & cute,but new gopi was like stupid,idiot & useless guy,we all viewers of dis serial hate new gopi,she does’nt suit for gopi plz go away from starplus just get lost. 

    • sunita says:

      i hate the new gopi her acting is crap, the old one was better she had more acting skills, the new ones are better, and what are you talking about bad behaviour why do indian’s get involved in peoples personal business her acting was good  the new one is crap no acting skills crap crap. GET THE OLD GOP BACK PLEASE. 

  61. Ashi Kothari says:

    Its ridiculous, we want our old Gopi back (Jiaa Manek). I’ve stopped watching this serial now, as its boring and the new Gopi doesn’t even know how to act, she looks dumb! Jiaa was simple and pretty. She had a chance and she participated in the dance competition, infact you (Sudhir Sharma) should encourage her, but everyone is busy pulling her leg ! Are you afraid that Jiaa is popular and if she worked in other shows, that show will become popular? or you are afraid that no one’s gonna watch your show now? Well BINGO i dont think anyone’s gonna watch your show so called “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”
      Oh lord “YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS” -.- , it actually made it “worse” ! Believe me :|

  62. Muneebnaseer says:

    yes there is a point

  63. Hello Friend says:

    hi I am new gopi..pls give me some time….i promise on all of ur mothers that i will improve..pls wait for a month…if i wont do..all of u peoples boobs will get punture…

  64. Vaishuvasava says:

     please come back gopi n without u serial is not good so come back n i
    request director to get gopi back or else we will not be able to watch
    serial without her.Please take old one Gopi, otherwise your serial will become lesspopulor.. I request to sath nibhana sathiya team to do so.without jia sathiya nibana is useless…..nobody is gone watch sathiya without Jia

  65. Sunumunu Dh says:

    I don’t watch that serial anymore

  66. Esrat Tisa says:

    new gopi is horrible …………………………….plzzz bring old gopi………………………………

  67. Bagaulypreeti says:

    gopi please come back as soon as possible. you are getting so many request by people. As you know that you are popular by odience so plzzzzzzzz come back gopi , i am missing u . you are a top actress come back in saathiya.

  68. alekhya says:

    j had a doubt that we all r commenting like this,are any of them are seeing these or not IS GIA,DIRECTORS,PRODUCERS,STAR PLUS.DEVOLINI etccccc INEED A REPLY WHETHER ANY OF THEM ARE SEEING OR NOT PLEASE REPLY ME

  69. Bagaulypreeti says:

    please gopi u come back.This is my favourite seriel ,but now i dont want to watch this. if u ll come back then only i ll watch this seriel , i like u and missing u in saath nibhana saathiya so please come back. people want old gopi not new.

  70. nikhat says:

    jia manek plz come back in saath nebhana saathiya plz……………………………………………..

  71. nikhat says:

    jai mamek now comment plz……………………………………..come to saath nebhana saathiya in gopi…………………………….. plz come to role

  72. Ramee4 says:

    Now sorry if I’m being rude. But I don’t like new gopi for this role. She doesn’t know how to act it looks like she is joking its too much over acting The drama looks more fake now Ive never missed the episode since started but now I just change the Chanel for half an hour we all should have rights to make our decisions.why should be jiaa bound to anyone’s decisions. Not fare we want. OUR GOPI BACK PS

  73. aditi totla says:

    such a stupid guys……
    without this gopi the show will not be seen by people because she is favourite of all viewers…………..

  74. Ame_atu says:

    I want the old gopi GIAAAAA all the way

  75. glitter says:

    in some article i read that the old Gopi was sacked because she was found selling drugs!!!! 
     i dont know how true that is but  give the new Gopi some space. 
    im sure there was a genuine reason for her being sacked. the TV production wouldn’t have done it for fun. 

  76. Mmsaad3 says:

    no one will watch this show after new gopi ,we want old gopi back

  77. Neha03091992 says:

    the replacement is really a mess.we want our old gopi back or cast a new good beautiful actress who know how to act.the serial was doing so beautiful.n now i dnt see this show just because this new bekar gopi

  78. Arshia Tariq says:

    plxxxx gopi come back , i miss u alot …da serial is just nothing without u …..nd how dare star plus people fired you , you r just so great ……!!!!!!!!!! this new gopi is like rubbish , stupid ….waste ov tim,end money …..

  79. Evergreenthorn says:

    the new gopi dsnt even match to her role its stupid without her
    the show loose its viewers better bring her back!

  80. Oknisha2008 says:

    The show has lost their star character Gopi.. They really made a strong pair Gopi and Rashi. The new replacement is so dumb in her acting its more to putting in a act of shyness with great difficulty which Gopi portrayed with a great sense of ease . It was her expressions that held her rocking. The new gopi is gonna pull thos show once for all down. I saw this serial once and now i have stopped watching it as it has become dumb.. Gopi will get another show but Saath nibanna sathiyaa has lost her.. Its better they let her ego down and bring her back

  81. Sudhadiv2310 says:

    we need old gopi bahuuu……please please……….!!!!!

    • Rachel Praveena says:


  82. Deepthi says:

    bring back the jia to sns……… one is nt gd………..

  83. Shahidhashake says:

    please come back gopi in saathiya

  84. Shahidhashake says:

    please  coe bak gopi in saathiya

  85. Shahidhashake says:

    please put the old GOPI  back in SAATHIYA………

  86. Seemakisingh says:

    Its really very bad, what țҺє̲̣̣̣̥ production house did no any other can take a place of original gopi, its difficult for ordiance also to accept new gopi. I show new gopi sĥë Îƨ trying well but for her act like old Gopi Îƨ difficult Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊ήđ old gopi’s style.. Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊ήđ take her place Îƨ not essy, I would like to sĥë old one only…. Sath Nibhana Sathiya was my feburate but I don’t thing I can watch it again……..

  87. Neeta Vaghela says:

    i agree witl jaisha. i am missing original gopi the show is not same without her
    please bring her back

  88. Seema says:

    this show is ruined with gopis exit.
    impulsive decesion. this show will lose its value.

  89. Monyrallo1996 says:

    WE won’t watch the show anymore!

  90. Muktasid Rahman says:

    Where is the old Gopi. There no real match with Ahem.

  91. Jaisha says:

    A stupid decision made by the producers. watching saathiya right now and she can not act to save her life. i would strongly recommend to the show to cast her back again otherwise their show will not go anywhere and people will stop watching it therefore cancelling the show. better no show than a show with HER.

  92. Vijeta_sahani says:

    plz come back gopi,the new gopi not suit with ahem she trying hard to copy u but there is no charm not good actting like u do so its reqvest from all my relatives to come back,all weekdays we r wating to see this serioul bcoz of u plzzzzzzzzzzz come back,my all family nd me r not more intrested to watch this serioul.i think lots of other viewers r will also agree with me

  93. Faisal says:

    omg what have they done the new gopi can not act at all theres no expression of sadness,shyness or happiness in the new gopis face they need to bring old gopi back if they still want saathiya to be one of the top programmes.I waited two years for gopi to be with ahem
    and this happens all for nothing.They should have at least had done 4 or 5 episodes of old gopi before they got the new gopi just for the viewers

  94. Nida_k2010 says:

    xactly we me miss u so much OLD GOPI VAU :(

  95. bharti khichi says:

    pls gopi come back ur fans are waiting

  96. Billu077 says:

    Lets all make Youtude videos to comment on this matter than surely they have to bring GOpi Back
    WHOS WITH ME!!!!

  97. Prahlad sharma says:

    plz comeback gopi i see s.n.s. save time from my businnes time  but with out gopi ……..i’m not like s.n.s. ,,,,,,      plz star plus team back gopi again                    jia come back plz . . . . . . .

    • Wahidabegumofficial says:

      Hey Prahlad Sharma, me 2 I work 18hrs a day 6 days a week as I’m a nurse and the 1st thinh I do when I come home is watch saath nibhana saathiya and then go 2 sleep and wake up after 4hrs and go back 2 work, before I had sky so I didn’t really mind missing other programes but once s.n.s started I baught sky+ HD so that i can record the program 2 make sure I don’t watch it so last week I was in a shock when I turnes the TV on its simpley Torture

  98. Billu077 says:

    I say this is the most stupidest thing that Star parivar has ever done.. The series is almost nothing like before and the new actress has no character at all. Shocking this is just for a dance on another show, the consequent is high in Justice. 

    1. Bring Gopi Back
    2. Stop The Series

  99. Priyabright_hsp says:

    we want our old gopi back.. plz come back jia..

  100. Purandancharan says:

    worries all goes to old gopi
    love falls in to the hands of new gopi
    .does not do good at all
    please bring the old gopi and put the new gopi in some other serial

  101. Rghv265 says:

    plzzzzzzzz giaaaaaa come backkkk

  102. dhillon says:

    my family have been following this serial for a long time. we only watch this SATH NIBHANA SATHIYA and it has become part of our life. please bring back our real gopi. she can’t be replaced. please do something. even my 3 year old son is asking ‘where is gopi? this is not gopi..’

  103. Anjani50 says:

    Pls bring back the old gopi. The new gopi is not a good match for ahem. Plus even with rashi it seems very out of place. I understand that we should give new people chance but honestly this episode was awful with the new gopi. Pls Gia come back.

  104. Surani86 says:

    Jia please come back, new gopi is fake

  105. Dharmashree 123 says:

    she got a chance to dance but that is not a mistake u just take a old gopi because that serial get popular from her act not from new gopi.

  106. G Monika_216 says:

    i need old gopi back… wid out her serial is disgusting yaar… her facial expressions no 1 cn copy m from vikarabad gopi… u hv fans in south 2… plz cm back gopi no 1 can put name to ur act,,, hw sweet u use to cal ahem as ahemji…. dis devoleena is disgusting gopi…plz come back gopi or else stop serial…. or u wud hav killd gopi in agni kannd…. it wud b bettr vth out replacing,,,,,

  107. Mubszy says:

    Saath Nibhaa…. has no meaning anymore, stop the series, or the promoters and financiers will end up lossing and TRPs will go down. Get Giaa back or stop showing the series again which has no meaning without Gopi…………………

  108. Mozuma35_1999 says:

    anyone loves the new gopi i dont agree with them . who  love old gopi i agree with them ! <3 <3

  109. Sam2001_ali says:


  110. ZAIN_2000 says:


  111. Salma35_1995 says:

    theres no point of anyone watching saathiya anymore . read all of theesee comments everyone wants the old gopi . the person that made saathiya should feel ashamed to bring such people in saathiya that cant act . the old gopi had slept in bed  with ahem soo how did the new gopi become pregnant you fools!!!!!!! ahem had slept with the old gopi not the newwww gopi !!! this is for you new gopi !

    dear new gopi 

    ever since you have come to saathiya the serial had gone boring . you had made this serial go bad . i suggest you walk away and go home and not come out until you know acting skills. you are butterz and you cant act you like the old gopi you wanna be ! i suggest you pack your bags and leave noone likes you and they never will . 99% of the people will agree with me on this . i dont know if you can  read english but the old gopi can . if you decide to continue to “act” as gopi then you have no shame ! watch out theres still time for the old gopi she will take you over !

    the next letter is to old gopi

    dear old gopi 

    for me you will never be old . you will always remain as gopi old or new ! your soo pretty and cute . please come back . the whole world wants you back . do you want noone to watch saathiya ? do you want people to hate other people because of you ? just as we hate the new gopi coz you left ! please come back gopi . you act no nicely and you suit with ahem . why did you have to go ? just as things were getiing better with you and ahem you left :( this is to you from the whole world . we always think about you in school at home when we eat wwhen e sleep and forever . 

    • Anjalina11 says:

      lol salma i 100% agree with u

    • Wahidabegumofficial says:

      Hey Salma35_1995 and evri1 I’m new 2 the website but iv been seeing saath nibhana saathiya ever since the 1st program and I couldn’t have sed it better than u I totaly agree with u

    • Ruchi Ahuja says:

      Right yar…

    • Sagarkumar123 says:

       i agree cent % with u salma…d show is not worth watching any more…we want old gopi back…

    • srilatha says:

      I agree with you.u r gopi looks not good and her acting waste.toooooooo bad acting new gopi.acually past one week i saw whole story i am very excited to watch saath nibhana sathiya.when gopi was replaced is was very spoiled.

    • Rallis says:

      Dont you have sense first feel ashame of urself than talking about.Dont you guys have heart talking this about a girl for just a serial.They know what to do if u need to tell suggestions do with respect else shut your mouth if you dont know to speak.

      • Ranjani Pradeep says:

        Please comment with respect as you have only said. If you are not involved very much with Saath Nibhana Saathiya Serial no loss for anybody but, please mind that very body has thier own respect and full rights to express thier taughts. Better you mind your work and words. We ultimately wants our jiyaa/Gopi back as Mrs.Modi else please stop this serial

    • Tanjila says:

      i agree with u the old gopi is better than new one. i want the old gopi to come back

    • Aash93 says:

      Wtf? Honestly, don’t be over melodramatic! I’m geting sick of people hating the new Gopi. You know what? JIA MANEK LEFT BECAUSE SHE CHOSE DANCING OVER SNS!!!! She could have passed over the opportunity and continue acting but she didn’t. For her this seriel wasn’t as important. If Jia didn’t find this drama as important to her then why the hell are viewers going crazy. The new Gopi stepped in to save the show. Do you watch the drama for a person or the story line? Because if you’re just watching for the person just take a picture and stare at it! There is no point wasting time to watch the drama if you have no regard for the story line.

    • Sana Khan says:

      ur right dear plz get old gopi back 

  112. Salma35_1995 says:

    get the old gopi back please please please ! NO-ONE  likes the new gopi and noone wiill watch saathiyaa now because the old gopi is gone ! just as things were getting better with gopi and ahem gopi left . saathiyaa is sooooo boring now and please get old gopi back . everyone thinks the new gopi cant act like the old gopi she doesnt suit the role of gopi . if you dont get the old gopi back then dont give saathiya on anymore just delete saathiya out of star plus ! 

  113. Rishan says:

    I live in USA, we all watched SNS by taking out our time. but the new Gopi has killed the spirit. Starplus crew is so stupid, she is no where close to Gia. She is fake nd fake, can’t even act. Ahem and new Gopi does not suit each other. its now time for them to fall in love, there is no match at all. Cmon didn’t they rehearse her first bringing on TV. omg am so mad at the star plus crew. I hate SNS. its useless. 

  114. ria says:

    new gopi is so fake. the way she moves her eyes her gestures are so fake

  115. Alekhya says:

    NO MORE SAATHIYA……………….GOOD BYE SAATHIYA………….                                                                  

    • Salma35_1995 says:

      i totally agree with you alekhya 

    • Wahidabegumofficial says:

      Hey so tru keep up with this spirit and soon we shal be given our old Gopi back dats wat hapend wiv ada serials u knw plz plz plz ever1 stop watching it thanku Alekhya

  116. Loriacourt says:

    she is one of the best actor…… you people should so get her back!!! 

  117. Loriacourt says:

    get her back!!!

  118. Nutanjoshi says:

    Dear Star Plus
    Please bring Gopi Back. The episode with Ahem and Gopi at Holi time was the best, she has to be there to bear the fruit of that episode. How can you  drop her just like that overnight?????? I feel sorry for the New Gopi replacement as she has just been dumped in the role overnight and expected to carry on. It is not her fault that she is no where near as good as Jia as it will take months to perfect the role. 
    I think that  you might as well end the series abruptly as you do most of them e.g. Sasural Genda Phool!!!!!! 
    Us viewers spend hours of our time watching the serials and you have not taken that into consideration. 
    I certainly will not be wasting my time any more. No offence to the new replacement Gopi as it is not her fault.
    I feel very sad.I know that my Mum is very disappointed as she really liked Jia as Gopi.
     ”C’est La Vie,” as my mother-in-law would say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Neema_786star says:

    Why did gopi leave!

  120. Ruthereo says:

    The innocence and politeness of jia manek has been lost which was the strongest part of gopi’s role. Please take her back or the show sath nibhana sathiya would no longer be a popular show. I used to watch the show because of gopi. Any other role could be changed instead of the main leading actress from the show. It is going to be a big flop soon.

  121. Azraazran says:

    without Gopi I dnt want to see the drama.

  122. Pushkala says:

    it is the small reason for gopi being fired . THIS IS REDICULUS

  123. Kiran_kirry says:

    old gopi was better this gopi has a face like a alien its like you can fit a rocket up her nose nostrels

  124. Malabika says:

    jia manek old gopi pls come back ,we  love u n wanted u 2 see in serial 

  125. Malabikasaikia says:

    jia menek  old gopi pls come back ,we love u and wanted u bach in serial

  126. Sameer says:

    now that Gopi has left this drama for me is  really not even worth watching!

  127. Arokiadavid14 says:

    the serial is too dry without cute gopi,lets forgive and forget if any flaw.come back gopi

  128. samu says:

    please let the old gopi be back,v dont like the new gopi.y do u change?

  129. MR says:

    Jia Manek leaving for what ever reason, has got to be the worst decision on part of the production team, they have shot themselves in the foot by doing so…..bring Jia Manek back, saathiya isnt the same without her!

  130. Thatsoprashant says:

    gopi please come without u serial is boring. :)

  131. Sulthna says:



  132. Sulthna says:

    plz gopi comeback  tum is serial mein kyun  act nehin kar rahi gopi kuch bhi achi nehi hai.tum gopi jaisa act karo na .comeback plz.saathiya ko  ab koie value nehi hai. director sabhi ko keh rahi hoon. jiaa wapas bola lo.nehi tu aap ki serial gai bhad mein. koie nehin dekhe ga.gud bye saathiya.i l u jiaa

  133. Lisa says:

    Saathiya is incomplete without without the sath of GIAA……….please come back…..please don’t break our hearts……

  134. Miz Sophie says:

    I dont like the new gopi, she is no good and her acting is so fake. The show is not the same!!
    Bring back Gia..

  135. Ladlyshree100 says:

    1 thng u can do jst stop saathiya…we dnt want to see saathiya without jiaa

  136. Ladlyshree100 says:

    1 thng u can do jst stop saathiya…we dnt want to see saathiya without jiaa

  137. Krithika says:

    Gopi, Please return to the show…I can’t watch the ugly new Gopi. I think the character was written   for you.

  138. Ashmeetakaur says:

    Gopi should be back Sathiya is not the same any more :(

  139. Jessie says:

    Another thing I would like to point out here, Kokila is an amazing actress.  I would love to visit your country and meet this awesome lady!!! she acts with her heart and soul! Remarkable actress, we should see more of her in other dramas on starplus!!! Her facial expressions are very genuine and makes viewers pay attention to every word spoken by this outstanding actress!!! Love u Kokila!!!

  140. Jessie says:

    Gopi and Kokila are the “soul” of this drama!!! without gopi…this drama has lost its luster! You HAVE TO Return, Miss. Gopi, for the drama to continue!

  141. Raushan199313 says:

    i don’t like this serials without gopi so pls come back gopi

  142. Raushan199313 says:

    without jia manek as gopi serial is useless

  143. Rushikesh says:

    Please take old one Gopi, otherwise your serial will become lesspopulor.. I request to sath nibhana sathiya team to do so. 

  144. Anamika says:

    Star plus is the most envious channel i have known. It likes to be popular like (the) other channel(s) by imitating their content. Same rajisthani background, same bihari background, etc Replacing gia is an egoist act, that would not help anyone. The serial has lost its interest and sheen without gia!!!! I have stopped watching the serial. But the new actress is otherwise good!

    • Salma35_1995 says:

      i totally agree with you but the thing i disagree wiv is the fact  that you think that the new gopi is really good sorry but the new gopi caant act 

    • Khankhadeerulla says:

      plz remove new gopi  v r hating to c that  serial plz  come back jia …. this new gopi is over acting

    • Sathya says:

      Old gopi is the only one choice for giving the viewers in saath nebana saathiya.
      i miss u so much

  145. MOHANA ANURAG says:


  146. Bloomkushi says:

    pls come back gopi……we r watching u from south india……the serial without u is v boring…..u r the best as gopi……i request the director plssssssssssssssssssssssss……….forgive her….we want gopi back………….

  147. Rishi925 says:

    I will not see this serial again. This is a very poor decision by the producers. The show will be the lowest on Star Plus.

  148. Pakistani says:

    plz come back dear gopi.we hate new gopi.plzzzzzzzzzzzz come back.

    • salman says:

      come back gopi.we r missng u

      • Wahidabegumofficail says:

        Hmm hey salman I liked ur comment simple but effective and plz stop watching the program so dat da rating drop then theyl get da old gopi bahu back eniways ur name is part of ma best actors name so I like u

  149. Rushikeshgodse29 says:

    i am not interested to see sath nibhana sathiya without original gopi . Please Please replace jiya manek as Meri Gopi Vahu

  150. Ana_moiz says:

    Not going to watch the show anymore bye bye SNS

  151. Sbhardhawaj24 says:

    pls gopi aajao vapis pls tumhare bina serial dekhne ka mann nai krta plssss

  152. Navyachow18 says:

    gopi u pls come back………….we don’t like this new gopi pls come back for us………..

    • Ajay Jadeja says:

      Stop complaining and crying like little babies about old Gopi. She was a retarded actress who only knew how to smile and act like a stupid face. Lets face it, you guys crying aint going to bring her back. The new gopi is so much nicer to look at (not because she is better looking) because she doesnt have that stupid dumb smile.

  153. Fraicy_poppy3 says:

    I love innocence on face if Jia..nobody can ever replace it. Kokila n Gopi are backbone of d show…come back Jia…only u can be Gopi nobody else…i love u :-) ))) 

  154. Abdul Wahab says:

    gopi jiaa without you drama is super flop

  155. valli says:

    Gia…….Please come back…. we miss you a lot….. put back your new ideas and come back to SNS…..STAR PLUS please bring our gia back to the show….Its our humble request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sunita says:

      The new gopi has no acting skills, she is boring, the old one was much better and what the hell has it got to do with anyone about what she does in her personal life, god can only judge us no one else, bring her back because soon no one will be watching this crap serial. I mean the new gopi does not know how to cry, and the way she smiles is annoying, BRING THE OLD GOPI BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • POOJA says:


      • Ashokk086 says:

        I completely agree with u, the sympathy old Gopi gathered from audience for his difficulties, new gopi cannot even expect it, there is no way to her in this serial now.  

  156. danielle says:

    gopi please come back no ones watching the show now because its not the same without you we love you so much and really hope that you come back please

    • Preety says:

      I agree……I rush. Ack from office to watch this serial…..but after this replacement…I don’t even switch on my TV for this show:-(

      • Toosharmavani says:

        Dead right. I only ever watched one serial in my life without fail but this decision
        has completely killed it off. It’s a very unprofessional decision by the producers, shame on you Star Plus and goodbye forever. LESTERWALA

  157. Nehainig1312it says:

    new gopi is disgusting… she is fake..we will not watch this serial.

    • Wahidabegumofficial says:

      Hey true say man da nw 1 I sdistgusting no more Saathiya 4 me, I just wana C ther ratins go low so dat dey ger jhiaa back

  158. Divya says:

    gopi u never know me… and i am from nellore district..which u have never heard from andhrapradesh… u have so many fans in soutyh also.. for their sake you should come…back..

    • Sri_20_05 says:

      divya you are absolutely correct.i’m from in USA.GIA have so many fans in south…without gia gopi stop that saath nibhana saathiya serial.we can’t see without gia gopi..

    • POOJA says:


  159. Divya says:

    pls gopi come back…. ur the best for gopi bahu… dance shows wll always come season after season… but the target u reached in sath nibhana sathiya is more important no… pls think of it…  

  160. nancy b says:

    RATI PANDEY WAS NOT REPLACED YOU IDIOTS !! She left on her own accord ! Please get that in your heads :)

    • Rishi925 says:

      Why you call people idiot. You probably is an idiot because it takes an idiot to know another idiot.

  161. Shweta Kap20 says:

    new gopi is too yak..without jia manek.. this serial would be super flop..

  162. Shivam singh says:

    jiya manek best option as gopi

  163. Sai Saritha says:

    please come back gopi n without u serial is not good so come back n i request director to get gopi back or else we will not be able to watch serial without her

  164. Hasnat Shah85 says:

     plz gopi tm man jao or a jao. plz come back plz plz

  165. Hasnat Shah85 says:

    please come back gopi. please please please please please ma sirf ap ki ap ka liya ya drama dakhti te. ap nae ho ge to bulkal be nae acha laga raha. Priyal Gor and Jitender Singh plz plz gopi ko mana kr la ao is darma ma. us ka begar ya darama ab koi nae dakhy ga. plz ap hi kuch karo

    • Sudha B says:

      without jia sathiya nibana is useless…..nobody is gone watch sathiya without Jia

      • farzana noor says:

        jiaa i am from Bangladesh.My family loves u so much .plz plz didi come back pro gramme .without u sath nivana sathita is useless.we are crying 4 u.Farzana

  166. Avshinju says:

    please come back gopi ,we miss you very much.

  167. Abubakar08281 says:

    without jia manek as gopi serial is useless

  168. BENTHINAMALA says:


  169. JOHNCYJOHNSON says:


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