Samsung Galaxy S-III on sale in Pakistan for Rs 62,000


Seoul: The world’s top selling mobile phone maker Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S-III has been launched in Pakistan and it is available for Rs.62,000.

The third version of the Galaxy S series offers face-recognition technology and improved voice-activated controls as well as a more powerful processor that lets users watch video and write emails simultaneously.


4.8-inch (12.2-cm) screen (22 percent larger than the S2)

Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich

2,100 mAh battery

Face-recognition technology

Eye movement detection and override the automatic shutdown if the user is looking at the screen

Faster web browsing

Seamless multi-tasking

Supreme graphics quality

Price in Pakistan:

It will be available in Pakistan for Rs 62,000

Samsung, the world’s biggest technology firm, shipped 44.5 million smartphones in the first quarter, exceeding the 35.1 million of US rival Apple, according to market researcher Strategy Analytics last month.

It said the Korean firm also overtook Nokia as the biggest maker of all types of mobile phone in the same period.

The phone will be available in 145 nations by July via 296 wireless carriers.