4 girls, two boys get death for dancing video in Kohistan


Kohistan: A tribal court in Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhunkhwa has handed down death penalty to six people, including four girls and two boy for dancing in a wedding party.

The Jirga issued a decree after a mobile phone video emerged of the six in a remote village.

AFP news agency said Pakistani authorities in the area said local clerics had ordered the punishment over allegations that the men and women danced and sang together in Gada village, in defiance of strict tribal customs that separate men and women at weddings.

 “It was decided that the men will be killed first, but they ran away so the women are safe for the moment. I have sent a team to rescue them and am waiting to hear some news,” a police officer told the news agency, adding that the women had been confined to their homes.

 “This is tribal enmity. The video has been engineered to defame the tribe, he added”


  1. Time for war in Pakistan? Let the propaganda ramp up. BTW even if true, it’s propaganda, you can make any culture of society or country look sick by focusing on the worst.

  2. It has no religiously matter in kohistan the people look personal matters in between and will be cleared by transparent investigation all Muslims of the world knows the teaching of Islam do not permits any body  to kill as only to save humanities and Islam teaches love  based religions and never connects such indecent with regions  as Islam is   peace and peace

    Well I condem the killings of these girls but Islam doesn’t give the permission to dance, neither for males nor for femalesDancing in Islam is a SIN.as U people follow ur religion as u r order to follow, we muslim follow our religion as we r Ordered to followed.but islam didn’t give the permission for killing on such SIN as well.I will say they are the people who made people to Hat Islam.Islam is a very peaceful religion.if any body have a doubt about islam plz contact me.but plz plz i beg u people, dont blame any religion.

  4. Yet another offering from the religion of peace, people must wonder how they get to being able to make babies. Anyone claiming that this is god’s will needs another god, or better yet, give up on believing in imaginary friends that talk to “special” people who tell their followers to kill others

  5. Islam imposes restrictions on free mixing up of opposite sex merely to protect each other from crossing ethical barriers set by all religions including Judaism and Christianity. Its consequences can be devastating, It is cultural issue of that particular area. Interestingly Cultural issues  are defended by UN and other rights groups and in this pretext same sex marriages etc. are strongly protected by them. Leave things to the Islamic law of the land and rest assured that no one will be executed on dancing pretext. Just learn to mind your own business and not to jump on conclusions without having any knowledge of the subject.

  6. I cannont believe that our human society has come to this kind of point that doesn’t even make sense. do they enjoy killing people ? i dont understand why this kind of government is aloud to do this to their people. these people are so scared about every step they make, do they have to live a life with no human rights and no ability to have a voice. i hope one day this kind of violent government gets pulled down, i cant stand to see innocent people dieing for something that we all have a right to do in our lives. we should stop this kind of violent governemt , and stand up to our people and protect the ones we love.

  7. “TRIBAL” LOLL look at these snakes on how sneaky they are. Its ISLAMIC CUSTOMERS  why are you calling them TRIBAL???? you freakin liars!

    • tell me the name of that religion who’s gave right to America to killed million japanies ppl’s in heroshima and nagasaki???? American Govt. is most most dangerous for human being for examples (1) Attack on Iraq (2) Attack on Afghanistan (3) attack on pakistani innocent ppl.   
      Soon you will be in worst situation and God will ruined your proud. Well I condemn the killings of these girls but Islam doesn’t give the permission to do such action . Islam is a sign if piece, noble.. ect…

      • Dude, this is 2012.
        You may want to look back at 14 centuries of muslim history if youw ant to know the only thing that islam has given this planet- terrorism. 
        But thank you for showing me what a peaceful muslim is when you write a post like  you did and tell me tht soon we will be punished by your god.
        Meanwhile, feel free to throw acid into your women’s faces, use your children as human shields, kill off yoru future breeders, rape your mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, aunts and so far.
        Twenty thousand plots- successfuil and foiled- since 9/11…all because muslims can not get along with themselves let alone others. 
        I’m not intimidated by your ‘peaceful behavior’.

  8. An observer
    from another galaxy would conclude what from stumbling upon this little subset
    of humankind? That they had stumbled upon a rare find indeed: a planetary
    nascent species which is itself too fundamentally stupid to have any prospect
    of perpetuated biological survival? Our fate is tied to theirs so don’t waste
    time gloating over your very real but absolutely irrelevant cultural
    superiority. It doesn’t matter. We’re doomed. With a world burdened by a
    demographic excess of perhaps six fold beyond what is sustainable, the
    profoundly civilized of our species have adjusted birth rates accordingly. But
    religionists have rushed in, particularly Muhammedans into Europe through
    immigration, where they are commonly outwhelping the indigenous peoples at the
    rate of three or four to one. They intend to bury us with their progeny.

    They have
    the uterus cannon pointed at us and they are firing.

    For the US I
    have a notion that application of the Smith Act, which criminalizes efforts and
    conspiracies to change American government into forms not constitutionally
    contemplated, will allow us to defend ourselves. We can bar from entry anyone
    and everyone of these inbred primitives on this basis. We can expel those who
    are here as noncitizens. And we can reconsider citizenships previously granted
    in light of the Muhammedan predilection (under instructions specifically cited
    from their “prophet” himself) to expiate oaths as it becomes advantageous to do
    so. And Mosques are to be considered what they are: crime scenes, and as such, subject
    to unlimited investigation.  Timidity is

    them out and locking them is the appropriate start, but our real weapon is the
    truth. Muhammedans cannot tolerate the historical truth of the origins of their
    “faith”. They cannot tolerate that enlightened people are fully cognizant of
    the fact that there aren’t any deities and that all the prophets were conmen
    who manipulated the simple minded. (This is why religionists demand access to
    children.) They demand to be taken seriously. They demand compliance. They
    demand concession. They demand our blood and our humiliation.

    We would be
    in real trouble here with appeasement. Instead, we should be thinking jihad, as
    in military jihad. Miloshevich couldn’t have been all wrong.

  9. these are the action that the lefties work at to protect ,  they demand we  are more sensative to their cultural needs , i say send the lefties to this culture and let this culture teach them what the facts are ..  

    • I strongly disagree. God gave us the Taliban, pedophile Catholic priests and cancer.

      Only when we kick God out of our lives we can have joy.

        • “god” also gave us apparently the slaughter of 12 million jews, atomic bombings in japan, countless terrorist acts in the middle east, europe, and the americas. When something goes right it is apparently god’s will, but when something bad happens it’s the work of satan? It’s nothing, it’s neither “god” or “satan”, it’s humans believing in a deity because they choose not to place blame on their own shortcomings.


    • Divebri, they use words like “rescue” when they really mean “drag them back to face charges”… kinda like how Obama uses words like “for American’s security” when he really means “our newest tactic to trick and kill these idiots”…  Remember, in the book “How to kill 12 million people” there is the actual speech to a group of jewish men, of a place prepared where these Jewish men and their families would live happy ever after– but we all know what their end was when they stepped on those trains… death camps.

  11. Please remember…on Osama  Bin Laden’s phone, they found a huge and varied amount of pornography….Facade   or   Religion……hypocrites !  And the sad thing…that too many still follow the evil doers and killers of the innocent….Not all of the Moslem population, of course, but a great many of them…when will the people that want to live good lives..speak up ! in those countries….