Hamza Shahbaz’s wedding in US, honeymoon in Scotland


Lahore: The son of Chief Minister of Punjab Hamza Shahbaz will tie the knot with a Kashmiri origin US citizen lady doctor next week.

Hamza, also the member of National Assembly, will leave for United States next week with a flow of congratulatory messages from party workers.

According to party sources, the wedding ceremony of Shahbaz Sharif’s son will be held at New Jersey state.

Some circles have shown their amaze over ‘simple’ program of the marriage saying claims of Shahbaz Sharif of bringing revolutions for poor seems only to be boastings.

“Such a lavish program for marriage and then honeymoon is contradictory to claims of CM Punjab,” they say.

Hamza’s would-be wife Dr. Rabia belongs to a famous religious family of Kashmir.

The couple would be in Scotland for their honeymoon and later would be staying for a few days at their home in Nathiagali, Murree, close friends of Hamza revealed.


  1. pakistani tammam leaders apni apni maan ko yeh jumey ney sub ke sub haramzadey ney na in ki maan ka patta hai aur na hi in key baap ka.subb key sub leader harami maan baap ki najaiz ulad hain.

  2. Wow…….his fourth marriage and his would-be wife’s third!!! She’s not Miss, but a much married woman! She was Hamza’s first wife, then married someone else. 

  3. 4th shaadi, suna hai k yeah khatoon pehle bhi inki begum reh chuki hain ab but ab dubara shadi ki jaa rahi hai…… bara ganja puri qoum ko taxi driver bana-nay per tuula hoa hai, jab k chota ganja aur uska beta shadiyan bana-nay per tuulay hoay hain :S