Don’t cheat on your wife; you may have a heart attack


London: Infidelity is just not bad for your character but it may prove lethal for your health as well—it may give you a heart attack!

Italian researchers have warned that when men cheated on their wives, they risk themselves to cardiac arrest. Making partners away from home and having sex with them, especially with younger women is dangerous.

Studies show that men are more likely to face sudden death when making love with other women than with their wives. Among the other scientific reasons there may be guilty conscience involved, they say.

The review’s authors, from the University of Florence, began by scouring medical literature for research papers including the words `unfaithfulness’, `extramarital affairs’, `infidelity’ and `men’.

Most deaths among the men during sex were due to the fact that they are having an affair and meeting away from their families, German researches said. Heart attacks were the next biggest cause of death, the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported.

The heart attack may be caused due to the extra stress a man bear in keeping his affair secret or due to wining, dining and satisfying a woman who is most of the time younger than his wife.

 “Extra-marital sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger than the primary partner and probably sex occurs more often following excessive drinking and/or eating,” the Daily Mail quoted researcher Dr Alessandra Fisher as saying.

“It is possible that a secret sexual encounter in an unfamiliar setting may significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate, leading to increased oxygen demand,” he explained.