Pakistan blocks twitter countrywide


Islamabad: One the biggest micro blogging website twitter’s website has been suspended across the Pakistan.

According to The News Tribe correspondent, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked following the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) caricatures controversy

The internet and broadband services providers said that their users are not being connected with favorite micro-blogging sites in the last couple of hours.

Sources in the industry said that the telecom watchdog has issued fresh orders to IP backbone providers to disable the access of micro-blogging site in the country.

The IP backbone providers, PTCL and Transworld, have blocked Twitter access to internet providers following the order of the authority that have disrupt the interaction of hundred thousand of Pakistan twitterati among them not only their systems but also on mobile phone as well.

PTA officials told The News Tribe that the authority has received orders from Ministry of Information and Technology (MoITT) to block Twitter and it implemented its directives accordingly.

Today (May 20) is second the anniversary of The Facebook’s Draw Muhammad Day page that provoked anger and hatred among Muslims across the world.

The PTA has contacted with Facebook management with demand of blocking blasphemous pages particularly in Pakistan that was fulfilled by Facebook. However, Twitter management did not respect the sentiments of the Muslim and the blasphemous content is readily available on the micro-blogging site by the anti-Muslim social media activist.

The blasphemous content is available on Twitter therefore it has been blocked in the country, PTA official said.

In 2010, PTA blocked Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and different sites having growing blasphemous content following the created page Draw Muhammad Day. Afterwards Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Malaysia and Bangladesh also took same action to block Facebook and such websites.