Hijab not obstacle to get success in showbiz: Urooj Nasir

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Lahore: Prominent television artist and presenter Urooj Nasir says Hijab is not an obstacle for artists to get fame and success.

While talking to local Urdu news paper Naibaat, Urooj said that Iranian actresses would not be succeeded to perform effective characters if the Hijab was hurdle.

She said that her fans had liked and appreciated when she came on television in Hijab during programme on ‘Yaum-e-Shuhada’. “I have no objection on the actresses who come on screen without Hijab but I have decided to come on screen in Hijab.”

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11 Responses to " Hijab not obstacle to get success in showbiz: Urooj Nasir "

  1. Minaal Waris says:

    i like ur hijaab style very much and we are with u for spreading hijaab habit

  2. Israralam95 says:

    arooj nasir i laik u u r so beutiful  god beles u

  3. Wasim says:

    You know its funny that i never noticed you before sister but after seeing you in scarf I couldnt help myself to google you in order to know the story of change in you. Keep up the good work, i have mad respect for women and girls who uphold the value of scarf. Hijab is the identity of a muslim woman. Congratualtion and good luck.

  4. Chohan_1995 says:


  5. Muhammad Ahsann says:

    Mashallah….. She is looking so beautiful ..

  6. Sudhir says:

    Keep it up and remain steadfast to your decision. Do not change your mind after some time.

  7. Azhar_saleem_29191 says:

    good job

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  9. Rsohail84 says:

    God bless her and her way of thinking ….

  10. Kamran khan mohmand says:

    ketni piyari lg rahi hay

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