PTI to win around 30 seats mostly from KPK: report


Islamabad: A special cell, set up by the government, has been given the major assignment of widening the wedge between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, The News International, Pakistan’s leading newspaper quoted a former spymaster as saying on Tuesday.

This ex-spymaster told the newspaper that the purpose of this exercise is to split the opposition votes for the benefit of the ruling PPP in the next general elections despite extremely pathetic performance of the present regime.

Quoting source the paper said that some so-called journalists, a condemned and dismissed government servant, one close confidante of General Musharraf and a few others are working in the cell that would continue its work till the next general elections.

“ mostly choice media men including some anchorpersons have been persuaded to write such pieces or do such TV shows that should add fuel to the already bad relations between the two,” the paper said.

With the present division and by furthering the bad blood between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, the former spymaster said that PPP’s top leadership is confident to return to power for the next five years.
The former intelligence chief said that the PPP’s strategy is working perfectly so far and if the situation remains unchanged and Nawaz and Imran continue to remain at each others throat, no one could deny the PPP regime another term.

The former officer told The News that the PML-N and the PTI go into elections in the same mood and with the same hatred against each other, the PML-N is expected to lose seats in the National Assembly, from the present around 100 to around 70.

He said Imran’s PTI would win around 30 seats, mostly from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.It is also said that the same special cell would be allocated billions of rupees for election days and this money would mainly be spent on the media and media persons.


  1. Youthias ko ye baat samaj ni aai ge……………… aik to 130 seats ki baat kr rha hai…. sirf 13 b le lo to bari baat hai

  2. it’s great news 4r us geo zardari 5 sal aur b PPP ka ha app log aapas ma laro aur maro and we enjoy mor 5 year aik zrdari sb pay bhari 

  3. I completely agree with the analysis . ppp is a reality ,wonder if in sindh ppp will still rule despite such pathetic govt performance,which means pti will cut off the votes of  nawaz strong holds in punjab and kpk.I wish if youth could understand the fact that this time pakistan needs stable 2/3rd majority govt of pml N.One should look at their track record .what they did in past.Dont be an idiot .keep yourself intact with national issues.nawaz did wonders in his last 2 tenures and i think no one would deny that.Atleast vote him for the sake of his decision of atomic explosions cuz of which every pakistan ass is saved till today otherwise america or india would have undone pakistan ages ago .

  4. wait and see. PTI ka bhoot jab un logo per say utray ga tu hi haqiqat in ko samaj may aar gee. I think PTI tu 30 seats bhi nahi win karay gee.

  5. I am sure PTI will will far less than the PTI supporters are expecting. Be realistic, what so ever the political parties are doing….just think and count how much PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, MQM, ANP, JI, JUI, PML-F and IND will will. Then subtract them from the total NA seats and assume that this is what PTI will will. Rememeber, we are only talking about National Assembly so keep NA seats in Sindh, KP, Baluchinstan and Punjab.

  6. PTI should win about 80. add the women and minority seats and it should up to near 100. yet PTI will remain in opposition of the coalition government formed by PPP and PMLN. (my prediction)

  7. PTI should win about 80. add the women and minority seats and it should up to near 100. yet PTI will remain in opposition of the coalition government formed by PPP and PMLN. (my prediction)

  8. One more thing just come out of your drawing rooms of media see what people think and they can’t be bought every time not this time at-least they will take money from PPP and PML and vote for Imran Khan, aajkal to log jo Imran Khan ke khilaf bole uski baat sunna nhi chahte your those media persons will also go for a six and such kind of Newspapers and TV Channels so better be careful about your credibility as well

  9. Please correct your figures and don’t such nonsense PTI will win more than 130. I can bet on this without being a senior anchorperson or analyst better don’t try to mislead the masses for the money.

  10. have u ever noticed that this “News tribe” is always tried to convey message that PTI is going to b finish… this bloody fucking online news paper is totally crape from to day I am going to dislike and unlike this online paper… 

  11. What a crap analysis or fake report planted to benefit PMLN. Go and check the IRI poll. You will see that according to this reliable source PTI is the BIGGEST party in Pakistan in the current scenario. PTI is gaining ground in all four provinces and will gain even more ground in Sindh in the coming days. Just wait for the campaign to start in Sindh. PPP will loose big time and PMLN will be reduced heavily, and even in Punjab they will be kicked to the no. 2 spot. PPP will be wiped out in Punjab, Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. At best they will win with a tiny margin in Sindh.