Dr. Samar’s intellectual dishonesty ruins Thar Coal Project: Dr. Qadir

Islamabad: Founder of Pakistan’s nuclear program Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan says Thar Coal Project has been ruined by ‘intellectual dishonesty’ of Dr. Samar Mubarakmand.

“Dr. Samar has nothing to do with mineral sciences as he is a Ph.D in High Voltage,” he criticized.

“Recodec Project in Balochistan and Thar Coal Project in Sindh both are put on stake due to him.”

Dr. Samar, considered also a national hero for its contribution towards Pakistan’s missile system, is working actively for producing electricity from Thar Coal.

Dr. Qadir views public-private partnership the only solution for the power crisis in the country.

“Besides technical expertise, investment of billions is required to utilize underground mineral resources.”

He put emphasis on devising comprehensive policies that encourage foreign investors could invest in the country.

11 Comments on "Dr. Samar’s intellectual dishonesty ruins Thar Coal Project: Dr. Qadir"

  1. Onemanarmy596 | January 5, 2013 at 3:42 pm | Reply

    apne national  hero ki is tarha be izti karney walo tumharei behn ko hindo aur amerca ab tak utha kar lay jatay aggr tumhen atom bomb bana kar na deta

  2. National Hero ko kutta kehne wala khud sab se bara kutta aur harami hey SAALA.

  3. This coal is #2 like everything else in Pakistan (khushi se mar na jate agar etibar hota)

  4. Muhammad Shakir Aziz | May 15, 2012 at 10:10 am | Reply

    Similarly Dr. Qadir has nothing to do with producing electricity, As his (alleged) statement rolling on facebook claims.

  5. saala mohajir kutta bhaunkta hai

    • You should respect national hero as you respect your parents…your comments shows how much you respect your parents and they teach you good things

  6. Doctor Sab bas Kero yah Indian sponsored bureaucracy which gets money to not do projects like this which can really change the economic condition of the country plus his pilot project of coal gasification was a big success please hear to what people from planing commission have said in the same meeting u might want to be a sole hero of this country of ours but nukes without delivery system are good for nothing and he is our national hero too

    •  Dr Samar was first came in news in the then Nawaz Sharif Government after May 1998, when Pakistan conducted nuke test to off-set Dr Qadeer Khan Image as national hero who was and is not an angel at all. But people should regard Dr Qadeer as hero because of his devotion and dedication to the cause of Pakistan’s Nuke Program..
      I would like to draw attention of every Pakistani who should recall that when Dr Qadeer was disgraced and portrayed as international criminal of Nuclear Poliferation why was Dr Samar not faced the same charges as he was also associated with the nuclear cause and program….there are some people from a certain group always tried to defame Pakistan’s Nuclear Program and they are from QADIANI non-Muslim minority…and our defenders always caught people from the same community many times…..So national heroes always a hero for the nation and I think Dr Qadeer know very well about the competence of Dr Samar    

      • My paper ”Build Industrial Pakistan’ posted on Google.com is in view of what Dr. Qadeer Khan Sahib said about Thar Coal Project.

      • There should be no doubt about integrity and national sprit
        of Dr. Samar as in case of Dr. Abdul Qadir who has played major role in his
        field for defense capability of our beloved country. But coal gasification is
        fully developed technology used in many developed countries and the efforts of
        Dr. Samar as inventor of this technology for Pakistan without having produced
        single unit of electricity in last decade are quite disappointing. Dr. Qadir
        has rightly pointed out need for focused approach for development of natural
        resources. There is no second thought about views of Dr. Qadir that “besides
        technical expertise, investment of billions is required to utilize underground mineral
        resources” which is great challenge for Pakistan. His suggestion of promoting
        public-private partnership and to attract foreign investment is very much in
        the national interest. Let us learn to talk about issues rather than personal
        views about our national heroes.


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