Pakistani girl brought to Dubai for job, forced to prostitution


Dubai: A local criminal court on Thursday conducted hearing into a case pertaining to forced prostitution of a Pakistani girl.

According to local media, the court was told that a Pakistani man and a woman allegedly promised a 16-year-old girl a maid job but forced her into prostitution when she came into the country.

The victim, named as SAW, testified that when she was in her home country, MZS came to her father and asked him to allow her to work in the UAE as a maid.

“I worked for him and MTM for two months each time and they paid me Dh500. My family was in dire need of money, I insisted my father to allow me to come to Dubai. MZS paid all the expenses and he received me at the airport. He took me to a flat in Hor Al Anz where there were other six Pakistani girls. Then he took me to his flat. When the rest of the girls left the country they forced me into prostitution after threatening and beating me. When I told one of the customer my story, he asked me to call 999. One day, I took advantage when she was in the bathroom and I called the police who came after a few minutes,” she testified.

MZS, 40, and MTM, 24, housewife, have also been accused of running a brothel in Hor Al Anz area.  MTM is also accused of practising prostitution. MZS is also charged for having consensual sex with MTM.

The hearing case was put off till June 14.


  1. This bitch must be from a family of prostitutes and pimps  otherwise no  father of a sixteen year old daughter will allow her to go to  any strangers house next door let alone allow her to go to  Dubai with them.