Marriages galore: ‘Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif weds cop’s wife’


London: Rumour has it in the England’s capital that Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has married a province’s police officer’s wife after cajoling her into divorcing her husband, TopStory reported.

The lady has already got three children.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik also hinted at the episode in his recent press conference in London on Wednesday.

Sources told the website that the ‘couple’ had recently been introduced and Shahbaz took her with him to China tour as well. It did not take a long time that Sharif proposed her.

Afterwards, the story goes, Shahbaz urged her to divorce her husband. A trauma inflicted on the hapless police officer when the lady showed her desire as he was not expecting that the province’s chief minister would ruin her home.

According to the sources, Malik had all the proofs how the relationship between the two grew so strong. Sources close to Sharif also confirm the marriage and the opening of Pandora’s box is just around the corner as the police officer decided not to keep his mouth shut.

This is the fourth marriage of Sharif, according to the website. Earlier, he had married Lahore’s Honey Alia and Mustafa Khar’s ex-wife Tehmina Durrani, it added.


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  3. Listen carefully who written against Mian Family specially Mian Shabaz Sharif and Mian Nawaz Sharif, I knew them personally, he is dead honest and energetic personality and make his all objectives in an effective manner within stipulated time by Government Bureaucracy as a good Administrative of Punjab Government. To make a marriage that is his personal right which has been given by Allah Subana Wa Tallauh, no one is allowed to interfere his personal matter. He is making a marriage not keeping any Rakhail like other Stupid and dishonest Government Officials and Democrats. All problems are coming from Federal Government all over the Pakistan don’t blame to Punjab Govt. I will guarantee you by Grace of God, give chance for next 5 years to Pakistan Muslim League (N) your Pakistan will become as a Role Model of Estate, you will see all over Pakistan Road Networks from Peshawar to Karachi Motorway, Industries in different cities, provision of extra Electricity, Boost in PIA, Railway, Stop droon attach immediately and make good business relationship with Government of Saudi Arabia, GCC and other European Countries and get free Benzene for 5 years for the sake of Pakistani Nation then you can think your country stand on his own legs.
     As well as concern by Punjab Govt. go and see the road network of Punjab, started from Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rahimyarkhan and then think about his honesty. They have getting enough money from their own business, no need to make corruption from public funds. For example if your father is corrupt and dishonest at home, believe me your all family members will become on his path and you cannot control your small family then how you think if Federal Government is corrupt and dishonest, your Punjab Govt. can work smooth, no way. Check and balance & accountability is starting from top to bottom, not bottom to top, keep in your mind. Even Chief Minister want to do something good, they always hindrance and making politicians in his affairs but even though he don’t care and do his best for the sake of nations by the Grace of God. PMLN don’t want to derail the Federal Government bcz Dictators are hijacking the country always in different ways, so they want to give full chance to make good for the country, if they fail to do so, next time public should avoid to vote PPP again and cost their votes to Honest Party who has good experience in this field like PML(N). Think about at the time of vote, if you vote to new party then wait for 25 years to get experience in the politician field, they cannot make good Government due to lack of experience. As you are fully aware that all the offices, plants, industries, refineries any type of business in or outside the country, every one want experience candidate for the time of recruitment in any posts, why…………………………….? give me answer pls.
     PML(N) came in first time, within 2 years derailed his government, 2nd time PP come again and gone, then PMLN again come, within 2 years Musharaf hijacked his government to make him all in all. If Musharaf not hijacked this government, really your country become a tiger in this region as Mian Nawaz Sharif said several times because they always thinking to make industries, road network, WAPDA, Railway and PIA run on profitable and smooth way without any corruption, businessman can think about this.
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    • @ Thagania …have a heart cool and calm collected ..Question is not of ”marriage of khadim-e-ahlah” …but is of marrying a married lady ..means ruining a HOME and angel like children .. the children how will they be attending the school and facing friends n relatives on social events … khadim-e-ahlah must have had gone for an unmarried woman or divorcee like ”EXPERIENCED TEHMINA DURRANI” or KASHMALA TARIQ … HINNA RABBANI KHAR….

      CM has also disturbed anguished the life of COP mr zaffar quraishi …. how will he be able to face his colleagues …what a social/religious junk…he must have had turned into a punk … @Thagiana plz look into these aspects and all tilt towards human values … how the children for no fault of their must b feeling bitter with pierced heart n misty eyes ..just as father n human enfold them [the children]…i feel sorry for the children ..may ALLAH GROW THEM IN PEACE — FLOW THEM WITH OPPORTUNITIES … GLOW THEM WITH MATURITY N PATIENCE …AMEN

  4. The real face of the so called most efficient CM is exposed. Its a shameful act that deserves condemnation from everybody. How can they claim to be the leaders of this poor and docile nation. This is really appalling to say the least.

  5. Aslam u alikum kaysy hyn mujhy nawab sharif sahib ka personal e mail address chahiye ka wo mera mail personally perhyn taky wo mera massla achy sy samjhyn un ki government main kiya kuch loogon ny unki hakoomat main fake kaam ker ky unko badnaam kiya or hum ab tak mushkilaat main hyn

  6.  او شہبازا
    ۔۔۔۔ چَک دے پھٹے ۔۔۔۔۔ شير بن شير ۔۔۔ فکر نہ کر۔ دِلاں دے سودے کر کر
    دُنيا توں نيئں گھبرائی دا ۔۔۔۔ جان دے بُلٹ ٹرين نُوں۔ اگلے سٹاپ توں ہور
    سواری وی چُکنی اے۔

  7. If it’s true then…. it is lesser wrong than having sinful relation with a married lady yet is bad for destroying a family. This is unacceptable from a leader at least. If wrong then it should be denied properly. But the thing is that the lady must had some potence and desire for such a thing otherwise no one could have ever made her quit family and children.

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    our ya halall hai . meari tearf sey cm saab ko bouth bouth mubark hoo .
     allaha in ko lambiyan kouchiyan dian . ameen .

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  9. How can One rely on their Press Conferences and Processions when they claim to be the modest and Purest in front of Simple, Poor rather Illetrate Public. To me Shahbaz Sharif was a figure who was renound because of strict governence and infrastructure developer. But When i came to knew this part of his life, It is catastrophe. Belief Dies when you put someone at position which he does’t deserve. I will condemn this act, purely, foolishly, honestly…Merely fulfiling Sexual Obsessions at Cost of someone’s detrimental loss is simply misuse of Position and I will declare it to be  the Biggest Crime even bigger than NRO, Steel Mill Case, Judges Case, Lost citizens case…Its the denial of Humanity.

  10. They are the rulers of 63%
    of the country. And look what is happening in their own province. There is no
    electricity whatsoever, no water, no gas. Patients dying in government
    hospitals die to lack of treatments and fake medicines. Students are committing
    suicides for their wrong results. The Patwaris and Thana culture is playing
    havoc to an extent that Punjab has literally become a ‘police state. Still,
    they don’t have anything else to do but to do Noora Khushti when in reality
    they perfectly are supporting the corrupt federal government. Can any one
    convince me why should or any other person for that matter living in Punjab
    vote for these thugs, again? It is hilarious that rather than paying focus on
    the governance issues, Mian brothers and their sons are busy in hijacking wives
    of others and sisters.. Shame on them…

    • Mehvish its really easy to throw stones on others…quite immature statement…and dnt talk about province u shoyld be talking about Pakistan…its about unity……

    • Mehvish, one voter told me they have 2 vote for pmlnThey r punjabi which means they must show their loyalty for pmln. I guess, it all goes to nawaz’s divide & conquer politics. I hate sectarian division but it’s so hard to make some ppl understand

  11. After Honey Aliya and
    Tehmina Durrani another victim of Mian Shehbaz Sharif, how dirty faces are
    they? Shame on them, Elder brother is offering i-phones to foreign journalists
    and younger brother is snatching wives of others. What a high moral character
    they have. Curse on them. They are obsessed, eating Viagra in the age of 70’s.
    To hell with such goons. No one’s respect and honor is safe in Punjab. What
    kind of leaders are they.. Leaders are one who are guardians of honor of
    daughters, mothers and sisters but they themselves are looting the honor of
    nation’s daughters and sisters. He must be hanged. LHC or SC should take sue
    moto notice.

  12. It is a shame and a pity when senior government officials exploit their positions to use an official press conference to dig up and spread dirt on each others personal lives.