PTI leads among Pakistan political parties: IRI poll


Islamabad: Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is leading among all political parties in its growing popularity at national and provincial levels, claimed its chairman Imran Khan on Twitter citing the polls results of International Republican Institute (IRI).

The latest polls and survey carried out from February 9 to March 8 this year by global research group.

IRI results on the popularity of Pakistan political parties at national level showed that

Pakistan Tahree-i-Insaf  (PTI)  was leading with 31% votes, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PMLN) is the second leading party with 27% votes and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) popularity remains intact at 16%

In Punjab:

PTI popularity stood at 33%, PMLN retained its popularity at 41%, PPP popularity stood at 9%.

In Sindh:

PPP is leading with 42% in polls, PTI secured second position with 15 %, MQM position at polls reflects its popularity retained at 9%, PMLN stood at 6%

In Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa

PTI remains its top position with 49% its popularity graph as per IRI polls results, ANP maintained its second position with 13% of polls votes, PPP popularity reflected its position at 9%, PMLN stood at 8% in its popularity graph

In Baluchistan

PTI stood at top position with 35%, PMLN grabbed 9 % of the polling reslults, JUI popularity graph stood at 9% in IRI polls, BNP stood at 6 % in the polls.

The survey might be showing a picture of rise and fall of political parties’ popularity in the country but the polls results carried out by global or local institutes are far different from the results of general elections as shown in the past.

The rising popularity of the PTI might be impressive for party itself as leading popular party of the country but the results of the conducted polls can also reflect the active role of PTI digital media activists for manipulating the results in the favor of party.

IRI survey was not released for common public so far by IRI. However, IRI is making available the methodology and the demographics to demonstrate that the poll complies with professional standards in the industry.

Poll work was conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research based in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Oversight and analysis was provided by Robert Varsalone of Maven Public Affairs.

The population under study is representative of the adult population of Pakistan with sample size was 5,985 of people Age 18 and order

Kish method was used to select respondents 18 years and older within the randomly selected household.  The left hand method was used to select every third household in localities selected through area probability sample.

 The sample was distributed at the provincial level, rural and urban, in all four provinces of Pakistan (except for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Chitral).  The sample was then post-weighted to make it proportionate to national representation by province.

 Face-to-face interviews were conducted.  The interview teams were comprised of both of males and females; the female respondents were interviewed by female interviewers and male respondents by male interviewers.


  1. Imran Khan should speak to crowds, get his message across,  more often until elections, specially in interior punjab, for a clean sweep.
    With a clean sweep only, Imran Khan will be able to implement hsi vision, who ever has joined him has submitted to the vision.
    So what matters is the new vision, the leader Imran Khan who is in a position to lead by his example.
    you can only lead by your own example, if you do not having NAB cases opened & pending against you
    You can only lead by your example, if yo do not refuse to show the transactions used to transfer funds overseas
    You can only lead by your example, if you do not need immmunity or NRO, you are like an open book, open to 100 percent disclosure, you have not used various names to cover the funds transfered.

  2. Imran Khan is only hope for Pakistanis to bring our country out off all crises. If you love your country please vote for PTI.

  3. my request to PTI workers and youth of Pakistan . there are best of times and there are worse of times .its a historical moment beside all crises ,its now or never for Pakistan Nation or its do or die for Pakistanis . work hard and force/convince  your families ,relatives ,co workers  ,friends to vote for PTI and Imran khan. encourage people who don’t vote normally and think that nothing can be changed .the gap in punjab is only 8% .with hard work and commitment PTI can win in punjab too .its a great idea if Imran Khan and Javed Hashmi both participate in election from Lahore .this step will give energy,boost and moral victory in Punjab to PTI and the more sooner the better it should be announced .

  4. Good Stuff… my request to all PTI supporters throughout the Pakistan is please try to influence  and explain your family & relatives that their vote will be for their coming nations and lets put off these funerals, corrupt, foreign nationals and interest-less Pakistanis to govern us. They are just after financial gains by corruption and taking away our children’s future.

    Nawaz has two sons; one in London having business, and one in Jeddah having business, will you believe that they never employ any single Pakistanis to work for them but Indian, Bangladeshi, English and black people.  How come Nawaz and his family is sympathetic to Pakistan????

  5. I think whenf the thieves will start fighting against each other & exposing each others thefts, illegal money transactions, misuse  of power for financial gains,then Imran Khan may also sweep Punjab.

  6. The rising popularity of the PTI might be impressive for party itself as leading popular party of the country but the results of the conducted polls can also reflect the active role of PTI digital media activists for manipulating the results in the favor of party.”
    How…the could in no way influence the IRI poll…and why can’t the praise the result…it shows the will of the people…..instead of 30% turnout election

    •  this survey has totaly wrong see the Ary Programme of  9 may 2012 in “off The Record” imran khan says that National Party Is On The Top In Kpk And Balochistan