Punjab Government decides to make Municipal Police


Lahore:  Punjab , the most populous province of the country, has decided to set up Municipal Police unit in Punjab Police department to prevent growing crimes in urban areas of the province.

“Provincial Interior Ministry has sent a draft to Ministry Of Law and Inspector General of Punjab to set up the unit,” sources said.

“There is no rule of Local and Special Law due to shortage of sops and surging lawlessness in the province,” they added.

Most of policemen in the province are unaware of about 500 municipal laws like anti-begging, selling cigarette to younger than 18, throwing garbage into streets and others contributing increase in crimes and adding burden on the local courts.

In Lahore, the provincial capital, Lahore development authority (LDA) and other institutions are at least working against municipal crimes including illegal homes and similar to them. But even they are not aware of most of the municipal crimes.

But small districts and cities are even deprived of any authority like LDA, sources revealed.

They say that the purpose of making Municipal Police is to control such unlawful work in other provincial districts and would be limited within urban jurisdiction in the supervision of IG Police.