50 percent air passengers now choosing land travelling


Karachi: After mishaps of Bhoja and Shaheen Air Lines planes, the number of air traveler reportedly reduced at Karachi Airport all private airlines have reported decline of up to 50 percent in passengers.

Now all the local passengers prefer to travel through buses across the country.

“A sharp rise has been witnessed in passengers of premier bus service of Daewoo Busses,” transport sources disclosed.

“The number is so sharply high that now Daewoo bus service is putting on waiting list for travel,: they added.

“People are now forced to travel through nonstandard buses,” sources said.

The decline in air travel is attributed to plane crash of Bhoja Airline’s Boeing 737 last Friday.

According the Airport Sources, all private airlines are carrying out operation with almost half of their seats vacant.

About 40 percent of Bhojha Airline seats are vacant, 50 percent of seats of Air Blue and 40 percent seats are vacant in every domestic flight of Pakistan International Airline (PIA).