Pakistan Hajj pilgrims to pay Rs. 41, 225 hidden service charges

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Lahore: The ministry of religious affairs of Pakistan has decided to take hidden service charges of about Rs. 41, 225 from Hajj pilgrims without giving any details.

The hidden service charges would be taken in name of Aab e Zam Zam, a sacred water for Muslims, essential expenses, Pilgrims Protection Fund and Vaccination, sources in the ministry revealed.

According to sources, 1,79,210 people would be going to perform Hajj this year.

“Billion of rupees would be collected from the pilgrims and expenditure charges of Rs. 41225 would be charged from each pilgrim which was Rs. 28,000 last year,” they added.

The breakup of expenditure charges are as follow: Rs. 38,025 for train fare, Zamzam water, Muallim fee (teacher), Rs. 400 for Pilgrimfund and Rs. 800 for vaccination.

Aazhar Siddique Advocate, who is assisting the court on Hajj Corruption Case say that people are facilitated to perform their religious rituals across the world but the government of Pakistan, charges a lot of money from pilgrims.

“The government should make an effective law to wind up the corruption in such a sacred ritual as presently a fair audit will reveal a corruption of billions.”

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9 Responses to " Pakistan Hajj pilgrims to pay Rs. 41, 225 hidden service charges "

  1. Saba Aslam says:

    very shame on zardari 

  2. Ihsankhan24 says:

    India tha hindu state giving subcidy and zardaree govt taking hidden charges

  3. Ali says:

    this hidden charges are seems as ZARDARI TAX.

  4. Qumar Uddin says:

     I am glad to read the news about Hajj information 2012..

  5. Aslam says:

    afsoos, sadd afsoos

  6. Salman says:

    That is all our ‘Aimals’ what we did and doing, if we correct our self according to right path, all additional cost (menhgai) will be reduced and every thing is come down to its original cost, inshAllah.

  7. Kkhanif says:

    thnks 4 giving us such information
    ALLAH plz help us

  8. What are these hidden charges for, if they are taking hidden charges for performing HAJ, its a shame.

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