Boeing 737: Pakistan airlines using Flying coffins


Karachi: Bhoja Airline, Pakistan’s private airline company whose plane crashed Friday night resulting in death of 127 people, is using Boeing 737considered as a flying coffin across the world.

Bhoja Airline has already place an order to get two ‘Flying coffins’ a 28-year old model of Boeing Company.

Several such planes of Boeing Company have been crushed during last ten years and all such kinds of planes are obsolete across the globe, industry sources noted.

According to the Aviation Industry official, airworthiness certificates are granted in Pakistan after purchasing Boeing 737 at a cost of $ 4,00,000.

“About $ 1 million are further required for maintenance of these planes, a necessary thing ignored by Pakistani Airlines.”

Meanwhile, After continuous reports about non-maintenance of planes by private planes, Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has decided to check the maintenance level of planes.

On Monday, planes of Bhoja Airline would be examined and afterwards planes of Shaheen Airline and others would be checked to avoid such incidents in future.


  1. PASSENGER NO: 47,and 48 of of Bhoja Air line (according to list)

     Muhammad Latif and Mrs Latif  were also killed in the crash. Muhammad Latif was a kashmiri and  worked in government office in Karachi.  Mrs Latif was a household wife. Both couple were  coming on their cousin’s marriage in Islamabad. Latif married ten years back but had no children.  he was also running a private academy where he used to teach ICOM and B.COM students and most students were studying for free.
    He left his parents and sister and whole family mourning and specially his students and friends. May God forgive him and keep their soul in jannat  and  as far as the staandard of air lines is concerned, read this:
    PESHAWAR: The Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court, Justice Dost Muhammaed Khan said Monday he had ordered a safety audit of all airlines three months ago. Justice Khan adds that if the orders would have been implemented the Bhoja Airline’s crash would not have taken place.
    During proceedings of the explosive material case, Justice Khan remarked that there was no respect for human life in Pakistan. While speaking on the Bhoja Airline’s crash, the Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court said he had warned that if the orders for safety audits were not implemented then the government would be responsible for any crash.
    Justice Khan further said the court will hold those responsible for the crash accountable. : 

  2. 737 is one of the safest aircraft.  Look at Southwest airlines in the U.S. All their fleet is 737  and has one of the best safety records. If you don’t tune any machinery, it becomes obsolete… that is what we have to focus on.