Six-legged baby is a ‘conjoined twins’


Karachi: Medical experts say that case of six-legged baby from Sukkur is a bit complex as they are conjoined twins. 

“One of the baby is not fully developed giving the present physical structure to the baby,” they said.

The experts revealed this after six-legged boy finally gets attention of authorities as a panel of 5-doctor has been set up for treatment of baby from Sukkur.

A technician’s wife gave birth to a baby boy with six legs  in Sukkur, a city of Sindh Province last Friday.

Imran Sheikh, hardly managing to run his family, appealed to the government to help him for treatment of his baby.

“”I can’t afford to visit Karachi and get treated my baby.”

“I appeal philanthropists and the government to come forward for treatment of the baby,” appealed, Imran, a X-ray technician.

Paying attention to Sheih’s appeal, governor of the province Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad Khan instructed to shift the whole family to Karachi, economic hub of the country.

According to National Institute of Children Health’s specialist, baby is kind of conjoined babies.

“Body parts of the baby is conjoined and surgery for treatment could be very complex,” said Dr. Jamal Raza.

“But the baby could be operated and if required we would call foreign expert doctors,” he added.

“This is a type of family disease which targets only 01 in 1,00,000 children.”