‘Veena Malik with family joins PTI’

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Lahore: The most controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik, along with her family members, has announced to join the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Pakistan’s Urdu language newspaper Express quoting a private television said that Veena Malik, her father and other family members had joined the PTI.

“It is possible the actress will be seen performing in the PTI’s public gatherings in future,” the paper added.

However, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Secretary Information Shafqat Mehmood has denied the report.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pakistan Movement for Justice) (PTI) is a centrist, progressive political party in Pakistan, which was founded by former Pakistani cricket captain and philanthropist Imran Khan. The fastest growing political party in Pakistan, PTI has established itself as one of the country’s mainstream national parties.

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14 Responses to " ‘Veena Malik with family joins PTI’ "

  1. Abid says:

    Isn’t Veena entitled to vote like anyone else. She may have decided to vote for PTI. She is just using her democratic right (if she is), which is a normal thing.

  2. Guestt says:

    PTI koi night club to nahi k veena malik join kar le….its PML N funded propaganda…

  3. Owais89 says:

    this shows the  worst standard of pti and if the news is not credible than pti should file a petition against all the newspapers and news channels that have given this news.Mian nawaz sharif zindabad

  4. S Fazal Akbar says:

    veena jaisai nangoon ki party tu USA, India etc mai hai. us mai shamil hu jowo 

  5. Fatimasddq says:

    bus PTI k sath ye hona he baqi tha :D

  6. Abeera Ali says:

    Welcome g Welcome…. PTI will win InshAllah

  7. Humain ap ki zarorat nahi,,jis mein khod dari aur ezat na ho o kaisy PTI m askti h… 

  8. Dcjhshhdh says:

    I will quit PTI if It makes alliance with biggest munafiqs of Pakistan N league.There is no plus point in Noora league.It can only make allainace with Zardari.

    • Abeera Ali says:

      That is just to get more seats dear… we need to support PTI to have third political power in Pakistan. So, that there should be more competition and we can get the BEST politicians in future…

  9. Skhanskhan says:

    that is another PMLN funded propaganda against PTI, Ganja playing his dirty politics by getting his slaves in media to write shit

    • Nadeem says:

      Mr. Khan, firstly, I request not to use foul language against anybody.

      I think both PTI and PML-N have their own plusses and their own minusses. Standing eye-to-eye in front of each other would only benefit PPP which is reportedly less honest than PML-N.

      An intelligent deal would therefore be that PTI and PML-N join hands together in order to cancel out their minusses and add up their plusses.

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