Knowledge City projects puts on hold for land problem


Lahore: The government of Punjab, Pakistan’s most populated province has put on hold the project of Knowledge City after Department of Livestock (DoL) delays land allocation for the same.

DoL has concerns about delivery of 705 acres land because earlier the provincial government took  a piece of land comprising 2000 acres near Barki Road Lahore but now it was being used for Aashiana Housing Schemes, sources revealed.

The DoL has installed its machineries and other equipments on the said land for a livestock research project.

“A lot of funds will be required for shifting of machinery while the research project would also be halted,” they added.

On other side the government of Punjab wants to develop the knowledge city project on the land.

However, the budget has not been allocated for the project too as provincial department of higher education has been given task to build engineering and applied sciences, law, agriculture, live stock, bio technology and pharmacy blocks.

Sources further said that the feasibility report had not been prepared and it was still not decided where funds would come from.

Talking about it, Secretary of Livestock Department Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh said that the land was not transferred yet.

“In fact the department has demanded for funds from the Punjab government so that they could remove machinery from the site,” he added.

“Land of Aashiana 2 Project was in control of grabbers and the government has given a land to the department in Patuki to develop University of Veterinary and Animal Science.”