PTI drafts new constitution: Chairman remains centre of power


Lahore: An amended draft of Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf constitution reveals getting rid of corrupt person, giving priority to middle class leadership and centralizing powers to Chairman, who at present is Imran Khan.

“President and vice chairman will be covering affairs that would be assigned by the chairman,” the draft noted and added that PTI national council would be the supreme body for approving crucial issues including budget.

The national council will be comprised of 40 members including Chairman, President and Vice Chairman who would be elected directly while a special 10-member team of technocrats and intellectuals would be directly nominated by the chairman.

Additionally, national organization consists of local and overseas Pakistanis would elect designations of five vice presidents, secretary general, additional secretary general, four deputy secretary general, four joint secretaries  and secretaries of Finance, Information, Education, Health, Culture, Religious Affairs, Publicity, Labour Legal Affairs, Minorities, Socal, Media and Public Welfare.

The party chairman has discretionary powers of nominating central office-bearers of central executive council, provincial presidents and 30 members of the national council of PTI.

The draft gives authority to the chairman to terminate any central or provincial office-bearer and transferring his designation to any of party members.

A core committee of 15-members will also be nominated by the chairman, which would later be approved through a secret balloting in the central executive council.

The proposed draft makes it mandatory to conduct elections from primary to central level under supervisory of PTI election commission while central wings presidents would be elected by the national council.

For general elections, candidates of national and provincial assemblies would be chosen after setting up provincial and regional level parliamentary boards, to be set up with approval of the central executive council.

Regional parliamentary board would suggest three candidates each for national and provincial assemblies considering recommendations of city or district level boards.

PTI constitution draft is developed by a committee of 16 members including Justice (Retd.) Wajihuddin Ahmed, Dr. Arif Alwi and Chaudhry Ejaz and led by PTI’s senior vice president Hamid Khan. The constitution would be effective officially after approval of central executive council.