J-10 fighter planes, 6 marines for Pakistan as Cino-Pak talks underway

Islamabad: Putting aside international pressure, China has assured Pakistan to continue work on two nuclear power plants of Chashma 3 and Chashma 4.

In addition, talks are underway between the two states over delivery of latest J-10 fighter plane and six submarines to Pakistan.

Pakistan officials viewed that at present Cino-Pak ties were at their best promoting strategic cooperation between the two.

China had announced the plan to set up two new nuclear power plants in Pakistan two years back in April 2010.

For last many years, joint military exercises of Pakistan and Chinese armies are being held regularly. A trend of extensive cooperation in defence production has also been witnessed given international and regional scenario.

Officials stated presently China is collaborating with Pakistan on JF-17 Thunder fighter plane, K-8 Karakuram planes, Airborne Warning and Control System and missile.

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  1. it is absolutely right M.ALI we should not be a part of armament race,instead we should spend same money for our economic uplift.india and pak. should close to understand each other and forget their differences. after all we are same people.

  2. Malik Zarbat | March 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    @ T Lakho
    PLz correct yourself this is not a weapons race it is requirement of us to save us from our enemies 

  3. Please avoid to become a part of weapons race we need food 

  4. it good for both countries. Pakistan and China are natural allies 

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