Bugti tribesmen urge Swiss govt to reject Brahamdagh’s asylum appeal


Dubai: Tribesmen belonging to different Bugti tribes met in United Arab Emirates and demanded for their safe return to Dera Bugti.

According to a handout issued here on Tuesday, Hamoon Khan Bugti, a chief of United Tribes, while addressing the gathering said that they would appeal to Swiss government to reject the application of Brahamdagh Bugti for political asylum. He said that Bugti was the killer of several Bugti tribesmen.

Hamoom said that Bugti had the passport of Indian government. He said that they had been threatened by the separatist leader to shut the mouth. He added that they would continue to expose the real face of Bugti.

He further said that Bugti was a terrorist and still killing innocent Bugtis’ in the Dera.

“We will fight for our basic rights. We need to go back to our homes which were bulldozed by Bugti in 2002,” he said.


  1. overwhelming majority of Bugtis are opposed to separatists and want justice for their long oppressed brethern who had suffered under Akbar Bugti and his sons and grandsons.

    • It amazez me, the thugs and criminals like hamoon bugti,  jamil bugti, and the rest of them are allowed to roam free, while the victims of their crimes are suffering to no end.