Youngest Microsoft professional Arifa Karim dies in Lahore

Lahore: Arifa Kareem Randhawa, the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and hailing from Pakistan, breathed her last after remaining admitted at the Combine Military Hospital (CMH) here on Saturday night.

16 years old Arifa’s funeral prayer will be offered at three different places on Sunday at 10 AM in Cantonment area of Lahore and later at Faisalabad.

She remained in intensive care unit at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) after suffering an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest a few weeks ago.

Kareem, miraculously, had responded to certain stimuli, as recently as January 14. Aarifa’s father, Amjad Karim Randhawa had said that she had shown the sign of life when her foot was stimulated. “Her toes curved slightly downward when her foot was tickled,” he said, adding that earlier she had exhibited the Corneal Reflex, whereby her eyes blinked a few times.

Arif, 16, is a daughter of retired Lt. Colonel of Pakistan army. Born in 1995 to a Jatt Randhawa family in Faisalabad, Arfa Karim became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age of nine in 2004. She kept the world title till 2008.

She was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft headquarters in the USA when she was only 10-year-old. In August 2005, Arifa was also awarded the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of science and technology by then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

She also received the Salaam Pakistan Youth Award again in 2005 set up by Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Dr Abdul Salam. She is also the recipient of the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance.



  1. i m proud of arifa kareem

  2. PAKISTAN ka aik qeemati sarmaya chala gia.

  3. may u rest in peace :(( Amen

  4. may u rest in peace :(( ameen

  5. Arifa was realy a precious diamond of pakistan & we r feeling vry vry vry sad that pakistan has lost this diamond.. We will alwayz mis u preety doll with alot of prayrz, May God give u cool place in heaven (Aamin)

  6. This is very bad news for all pakistani
    inna lil la hi wa ina ilaihi rajioon
    May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

  7. Arifa Karim is famous name in Pakistan. Arifa may u rest in peace, ameen inna lilla hi wa ina ilaihi rajioon,

  8. This is very sad news.may her soul rest in peace

  9. This is very bad news for all pakistani
    inna lil la hi wa ina ilaihi rajioon
    May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

  10. she was the asset for our country.she could have done lot more for our country but we cant do nothing
    May she rest in Peace

  11. Mein ney jab sona k arfa wafat hogaye to …….merey pas wo alfaz nahe k mey arfa ko khirje tahseen pesh kar sako .i salut to arfa

  12. It’s a heart broking news. May her soul rest in peace.:-(

  13. Inna Lilla hi Wa Ina Illaihi Rajion
    Arifa may u rest in peace, ameen

  14. this news broke my heart. May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

  15. May you rest in Peace Arfa Karim

  16. very sad news :(
    inna lilla hi wa ina ilaihi rajioon

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