Nawaz meets Attaullah Mengal, vows to resolve Balochistan issue


Karachi: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Monday met Baloch leader Attaullah Mengal and discussed with him ongoing political situation in Balochistan.

Talking to media after the meeting with Mengal, the former prime minister pledged that he would fight the case of Balochistan and would resolve the issue in consultation with Mengal and other defiant Baloch leaders.

He said that atrocities were committed in Balochistan and the issue could not be addressed unless killers of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti were brought to justice.

Speaking on the occasion the veteran Baloch leader said situation in Balochistan had reached to “point of no return”.

He said that as to why the army didn’t take notice into the targeted killings in Balochistan.

Mengal said that he would extend his help in resolving the issue. He said that if Sharif could make the army to mend its ways, Balochistan will remain part of Pakistan. He accepted that Punjabi settlers, doctors, labourers were being killed in Balochistan.


  1. Undeniably all is not well with Pakistan’s Baloch people. However, the people of other provinces are not fully able to extend their help unless they know the exact problem (for instance points 1 to 5 or so on).

    We know from media that ‘killing of Mr. Akbar Bugti’, and ‘lack of Baloch participation in national affairs’ is the cause. If these are the causes, I don’t see any reason for the whole nation not to stand with them for a fair resolution. When they talk about ‘attrocities committed by armed forces’, I feel the courts are there to listen to them. In case any organ of state is not functioning properly, the people are there to bring about remedial measures.

    To me, it actually needs to be debated very openly on media with participation of ALL the Baloch political parties and the angry Baloch leaders. This will inform the rest of Pakistan of what the problems are. InshaAllah then the civil society will be in a better position to stand with their fellow Baloch Pakistanis.

    Remember, Balochistan is part of Pakistan’s body just like any other province. If any of these parts is in distress, the whole body feels pain.