Pakistan Railway track resumes traffic after blasts in Sindh

Hyderabad: Pakistan Railway traffic has been resumed after tracks were repaired following six back-to-back blasts at railway tracks near Hyderabad, Nawabshah and Noushero Feroz cities on Sunday.

The blasts, which authorities said were caused by crackers on early morning, suspended the rail service at up and down tracks. Portions of railway tracks were destroyed in the explosions, with no loss of life or injuries.

Police and Railways officials converged to explosion sites examining the magnitude of damages. It took them five hours to complete the repair work.

Law enforcement agencies cordoned off the areas and started search operation. Talking to media DSP Nawabshah Shah Aijaz Memon said that that they had found the pamphlets of Sindhu Desh Liberation Army near the explosion site.

He claimed the culprits would be arrested within 24 hours, adding that local made bomb were used in blasts and no loss of life has been reported. Railway police and special branch police would arrest the culprits soon, he added.

It is worth mentioning here that many trains have been escaped from any incident.

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