JF-17 crashes in Attock; pilot killed

Attock: Pakistan’s joint fighter JF-17 Thunder crashed in hilly area of Attock district  on Monday.

Sources said that Pilot Squadron Leader Muhammad Hussain was killed and the jet fighter was completely destroyed in the incident.

They said that the pilot ejected but his parachute did not open.

His body was found one-and-a-half kilometre away from the crash site.  Hussain’s body was shifted to Kamra Aeronautical Complex.

The impressive JF-17 (Thunder) jointly co-developed (by PAF & CATIC), and co-produced by PAC (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex) and CATIC (China Aero-technology Import Export Corporation) has been put up for static as well as aerial display in the Dubai Air Show this year.

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  1. plz sir give answer of my question?

    the question is that how i make agood pilot plz give me answer fast sir i m waiting for for thanks.

  2. i m khalid so sher bahadar

    plz improved this miss take tu donot open paracute plz im also wanted to make a great pilot of the world people proude me & my country

  3. Well the greatest fighter jet ever developed …….. F16…… had too a lots of crashes in its early period and a lot of good pilots lost their lives (WATCH MOVIE— "AFTERBURN") the movie is based on F-16' earlier troubles…….. and yes……..ONLY ALLAH IS PERFECT — NOTHING ELSE.!

  4. Pakistanis have been very crictical of India's soviet era Mig-s falling down in the 21st century. But a new jet, crashing and pilot getting killed due to parachute failure is something more serious than the flying coffins Mig 21.

    • The crash has nothing to do with technology. it is just technical problem that even occurs in 4.5th generation US jet fighters F-22 Raptor and state of the art F-16. we should not be underestimating our Air Force.It is competent than Indian bastards.

  5. It was not a JF-17 but a two-seater FT-7.

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