Imran Khan leads rally against US drone attacks in Islamabad


Islamabad: A large number of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers and tribesman from the Waziristan led-by Imran Khan took out rally in Islamabad against the US drone attacks in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region.

Member of a British charity and civil socility also joined the cricketer-turned politician in the rally which started from the China Chowk and culminated outside the parliament house.

Speaking on the occasion, the PTI chief  said that President Asif Ali Zardari was loyal to his masters in the United States as he came in power through the NRO which was facilitated by the Americans.

He said that US drones were proving hazardous for Pakistan as innocent people were being killed in the attacks. He was of the view that the attacks proves counterproductive.

Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif was staging rallies in Lahore while Zardari was sitting in Islamabad.


  1. Imran seldom speaks about the contours of trade policy; the most important determinant of economic growth. How will he promote regional trade among SAARC member countries and with other major trading countries of the world? What will be his policy on access to the US market for Pakistani textiles and other export goods? Yes, his supporters can argue that he is not against the promotion of trade and economic growth. His stance on many other issues, however, does suggest that he has not clearly thought through the sensitive link between external trade and perceptions about internal security. By assuming the role of a propagandist for religious extremists and militants in Pakistan, he does not place himself in an admirable position for winning the confidence of the international investors. No business is ever willing to invest in a country where militant groups roam around under official patronage. Imran loves referring to Iran but Pakistan has not got Iranian or Venezuelan oil, so imitating them is not an option. The second most noticeable strand of the Imranian discourse is his support for the Taliban and their sympathizers in FATA. It is this aspect of his personality that has severely undermined his reputation as a statesman. I do not like branding anyone as an agent of local or external establishments. However, by promoting Pakistan’s deadly embrace with militancy and actively instigating the Pakistani youth by the use of jingoistic phrases he does appear to be speaking the language of the radical elements of the Pakistani establishment. He is not alone in that club. Mr Zaid Hamid and many Jamaat-e-Islami leaders are also doing the same job.

  2. Asalam Walikum, He is the only politician of Pakistan who raise the voice for the people of Pakistan and after Quaid-e-Azam, Imran Khan is the great leader and we all Pakistanis are with him. Pakistan Zindabad Imran Khan Paindabad