Woman ‘gang raped’ in front of family in Gujrat


Gujrat: Nephew of an ex member Punjab assembly and his friends, allegedly  gang raped a woman in front of her husband and children in Dhalian village, Dinga City of Gujrat District of the Punjab province.

Sources told TheNewsTribe that Asma was sleeping at her home with her family members on October 11 when in the midnight Mian Jahangir with his friends Naveed Ilyas and Munazir Hussain barged  into the house by scaling the wall.

They made them hostage on gun point and allegedly raped the woman for three hours. Later they fled away threatening the poor family dire consequences if they told anyone about the incident.

Husband of Raped woman

The villagers have strongly protested against the incident and demanded of the government to arrest the accused involved in the heinous crime.

Local police have arrested Naveed Ilyas and Munazir Hussain but the main accused Mian Jahangir stated to be still at large.

Local people said that the accused Mian Jahangir was hiding in the Member of Provincial assembly’s House.

Human rights organizations, civil society and villagers have demanded of the government to provide   justice to the poor family.

They demanded of the Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz sharif to take action against this gruesome incident of gang rape.

The accused Naveed Ilyas and Munazir Hussain


  1. Please mention the name of the mpa and his political association so we show to our noon leaguei or q leaguei or jiyalay that we are harvesting such poisonous snakes as our law makers

  2. Mr. Nadeem we are all responsible for this incident. we are on the last stage of our EMAAN.

    We elect the MPA's and MNA's we ever thought what is character of that person whom we gona vote?. Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A preferred battle against vote for Yazeed.

    Being a nation we have no reason why and what we are working. in history people of Pakistan worked for Pakistan, we are working for money.

    Thats the main problem that brings us to read and see the incidents like this…………………

  3. Besides giving the due punishment to offenders, we must also look into what is happening to our society, values and culture. Such a moral degradation is extremely shameful for us as a nation. If I were in a responsible government position, I do not see myself having any reason not to resign due to my failure individually and 'collectively as part of a machinery' tasked to bring improvement to the society. Mr. Gillani and Mr. Sharif, are you both listening! We want you to explain your performance to us. And please, we do not want to see another noora kushti between Messers Babar Awan and Rana Sanaullah!

  4. Mian Jahangir, Naveed Ilyas and Munazir Hussain did the dirty sin, hang them at the front of all Gujratis. accused are free of any accountability bcz they are relative of Ex MPA……..

    • [email protected]

      Yeah they should be hanged if their sin is confirmed.

  5. OMG, what is going in the city of government allies, where r u Gujratis. plz help the victim, why can't anyone take notice on the issue