SIUT pays tribute to first liver transplant team


Karachi: Leading transplant surgeon Dr Tariq Bangash who performed the country’s first deceased donor liver transplant has asked the SIUT team of doctors to extend their role in promoting the cause of deceased organ donation in the country as a great service in the best interest of the society.

He was speaking at the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation in Karachi where he briefed the members of the Institute about his professional experience in carrying out an all important surgical procedure.

Dr Bangash who is attached with the Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore, while narrating his experience in

deceased organ transplantation process discussed in detail about the consent process with the retrieval of liver and also the difficulties he and his team members faced in managing the patient following the transplant process. Lauding the services of SIUT under the leadership of Dr Adib Rizvi in pioneering the transplant

surgery in the country he said it was mainly due to immense efforts on the part of Dr Rizvi and his colleagues which helped in passage of transplant law last year. He described the document as “exemplary” in the medical history of Pakistan.

While welcoming Dr Bangash Dr Adib Rizvi traced the historical development of transplantation surgery in Pakistan, and greatly commended Dr Bangash and his team for achieving the remarkable feat. He emphasized the long struggle which is needed to organize deceased organ donation in Pakistan.

Earliar Dr Abdal Waseem Khan who is the head of the Department of Hepatobiliary surgery introduced the distinguished guest before the selected audience while Secretary of the Transplantation Society of Pakistan Dr Naqi Zafar underlined the need of further collaboration between various centres who are engaged in transplant surgery.


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