Uzair Baloch warns Malik, Ebad


Karachi: Lyari is going to turn into a Dhaka as we are being treated as Makti Bahni in Bangladesh in 1971, said Sardar Uzair Jan Baloch.

The leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) conducted a press conference in the office of PPP. Uzair Jan Baloch, Zafar Baloch (General Secretary of PPP South Zone) and other participated.

Rangers conducted operation on the instruction of Governor Sindh and Rehman Malik, just give a smile on the faces of the leaders of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), said Uzair.

The ally party of the government is killing our Baloch youngsters and operation is being conducted against us. We are being treated as Makti Bahni in Bangladesh by the law enforcement agencies, he said and warned “Government should stop these type of activites against the Baloch community otherwise there will be heavy bloodshed and law enforcement agencies would face strict and heavy reaction in Lyari”.

Our people want to live in peace and if any indiscriminate search operation will be conducted in Lyari than we will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies but no operation on the instruction of government ally party will be accepted, Said Uzair.

He claimed that in last one week 46 Baloch youngsters had been killed including four in Baldia Town, seven in PIB Colony, five in Korangi, one in Chakra Goth and others but government seems reluctant in conducting operation in such areas as these areas are under the control of their ally party.

After the press conference, Zafar Baloch, General Secretary of PPP South Zone, said while talking to media men that we are being pushed towards wall and our youngsters are being killed.

If any misshape would be happen in the area, than only Governor Sindh and Rehman Malik will be responsible, he said.

Leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi division Zafar Baloch has demanded the British and American governments that ban Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and its Chief Altaf Hussain after declaring terrorists.

According to Baloch, recovering five gunny bag bodies of Baloch youths is part of the conspiracy that MQM wants to pave the way of operation in Lyari by declaring the incident gang war.

He lamented over the discrimination of media, saying yesterday Sajid Baloch s/o Ghulam Hussain, a police constable, was abducted from Baldia Town and was later released by the efforts of MQM’s provincial assembly member Mohammad Hanif Sheikh but media did not get it coverage.

He alleged that MQM’s Burns Road sector is fully active in the killings of Baloch youths and MQM’s terrorist are also involve in Chakra Goth tragedy.

The PPP leader said that MQM’s terrorists who were arrested from Nazimabad -Rafique, Shah Nawaz and Naeem Mustafa – during interrogation accepted that they kidnapped and killed Baloch youths of Lyari, while over dozens Baloch youths are missing. He accused that industrialists are winding up their businesses from Karachi just because of MQM’s terrorism and extortionist.

Replying a question, Zafar Baloch said there is no need to call Army in Karachi, local law enforcing agencies have potential to control the law and order situation of Karachi but there is need of political will. He said denizens of Lyari are ready for their complete cooperation to maintain law and order situation in Karachi.

Answering another question, he said Federal Interior Minister Rehman Maliks’s regular visits to Karahi leave negative impression that provincial government is incompatible and people consider that Malik is involved in killing.


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