Dengue can spread from unclean coolers


New Delhi: Scientists have warned that unclean coolers and stagnant water can cause spreading the mosquito-borne diseases including the deadly virus – Dengue.

They cautioned that people have to pay a heavy price for a little negligence if they don’t clean our coolers and remove stagnant water from containers at home.

Dengue has taken its toll elsewhere in the country in the past few years, while 17 people have died in Odisha so far during this monsoon season.

The home appliance Air Cooler could be a cause for several deaths if those would not be cleaned and water would not be changed regularly. Recently, many people were tested positive for chikungunya (mosquito-borne virus) and Dengue in Jamshedpur and its outskirts.

The National Malaria Research Institute (NMRI) has set up a team to make people aware of the fever through its campaign in the Steel city since August 8. State officer in charge of NMRI MK Das said that the pandemic diseases of chikungunya and dengue are linked to stagnant water in containers, air coolers at homes.

Das said that the unclean coolers are a breeding place for Aedes mosquitoes (the mosquito for spreading Dengue) that transmit dengue and chikungunya another mosquito-borne viruses. He said that 80-90 per cent mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti category are in the city and spreading the viruses.

He suggested keeping air coolers dry when not in use, adding that spraying larvicide and creating awareness will help residents of the area to prevent the spread of the virus. The team discussed with district health officials to make people aware of the prevention.