Indian world record removed on Pakistani request!


Islamabad: The Guinness Book of World Record has deleted an Indian record of singing national anthem by a large number of people at a time.

According to details, a Pakistani youth Abid Beli with his friends sent an email to the organizers of the Guinness, requesting that record of singing national anthem by a large number of people at one time should be deleted as the Indians have made the record by singing Vande Mataram, that is not the India’s national anthem.

Reacting upon the request, the Guinness World Record (GWR) removed the Indian record from national anthem category and that went to Philippine where 5248 citizens had sung their national anthem.

It is to mention here that the Pakistani youth who sent the email would lead a group to achieve the same record on August 14, the independence day of Pakistan this year.

“Guinness world record change the category. Vande matram they accept that its not Indian National Anthem. So now we need to arrange only 6000 people to break the Philippines national anthem Record,” said Abid Beli in an interview with TheNewsTribe.

In reply to an email sent by Beli for correcting aforesaid record, the GWR said: “The most people singing a national anthem simultaneously is 5,248 and was achieved by students, staff, faculty and alumni of MSU-IIT (Philippines) who sang ‘Lupang Hinirang’ Philippines’ National Anthem, at the MSU-IIT gymnasium, in Iligan, Philippines, on 1 September 2009.”



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  2. Let us start by making a world record on youtube by upload the most sung national anthems in one page/group.