Sana Bucha facing plagiarism allegations


Karachi: Sana Bucha, the anchor of Geo TV, a leading media group of the nuclear Islamic nation  has landed in trouble and facing serious question about her professional ethics and honesty after the appearance of her latest article published in The News on Sunday (dated: July 17, 2011).  The News Tribe has learnt.

The Geo TV anchor’s article has been plagiarized–in certain cases word to word–from an article that appeared in The Economist on July 14, 2011.

Even some of the words of the headlines of both the articles are same. Experts are of the view that In journalism, and generally, plagiarism is considered a serious professional and ethical crime and there are examples in professional organizations, both national and international, punitive actions were taken against them.” The source expressed.



  1. She shows that she is intellectual but in real sense she don,t know too much and she is just playing a role of PML(N) party worker.

  2. Rashedsiddiqui

    AA Sana,


    I live in USA and watched your
    program LAIKIN on a child’s rape on May 20, 2012. (by the way I am used to
    justice system in USA) I was astonished that the MQM rep was
    mentioning that he knows the trouble area of the city for some time and more
    astonishing was that you did not ask him then why he did not do anything for years; if common people know the
    criminals how come govt. doesn’t know? They are all part of the problem.  Sometimes this looks
    like a drama to create ratings by TV stations that they hire these actors to host the
    shows.  And if the news media act like
    this, I do not think that Allah will spare their families from a calamity like
    this because He knows the MUNAFIQAT of these actors and Allah hate
    MUNAFIQs.  I am sorry if I have said
    anything to offend you but as you have the right for your opinion, I do too.

  3. shame on u sana bucha and u manzoor watoo too

  4. Sana Buchcha is not agent of PML (N). She is the top agent of CIA in Jang Group (Geo or The News). Jang group is the top media group paid and controlled by CIA. As Sana Bucchi is on Pay roll of USA (CIA) so she has right to copy word to word articles from US media.

  5. Plagiarism is not the only issue, journalists are corrupt too..
    I am from judiciary and a serving member….I will like to share an incident which happened few months ago…
    My relatives( now our prime rivals) tried to grab a piece of land from me and my brothers in my village, naturally we had to react. Since our reaction
    was much more effective than our relatives, my relatives went to Media and they aired a complete lie against me, without even bothering to contact me.
    I was told, that the airing of the report costed 50 grands to our rivals.
    My seniors and high court’s CJ advised me to not persue the matter against the media as then there will be damage on both sides and they assured me that enquiry which was in progress against me will be decided in my favor.However later they transfered me and result of report was not as satisfactory as promised.
    I had to remain silent then …but not anymore!

  6. one should avoid such activity and should produce their own creativity especially media people

  7. Sana Buccha agent of PMLN

  8. People call her names should first check their own ethics first before calling her names. Its easy to pounce on someone when others r bricking for them…plz confirm facts before her media trial…am sute there is more to the truth than meets the eye…

  9. SHAME ON YOU….. SHAME SHAME…. you are are equally responsible….

  10. Sana Baucha Shame on you……..

  11. What a shame you Bucha…. I thought you as a Creative Anchor but sorry to say you are fake..

    @ Manzoor, are you getting paid for defending her? get a life man

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  13. Shame on you sana bucha

  14. @manzoor watto

    dude, following is the link of of official website of ECONOMIST, go ahead and check it, it is updated as soon as the date changes with GMT, doesnt take a day or tow to upload articles, so please dont give us that 2 days time period for uploading crap

    secondly, u showed us that only a few words repeat in both articles and then u gave a lecture on words and phrases, thats absurd man, even a kid from 10th grade can copy an essay without using exact words, ever heard of something called PARAPHRASING, yeah! thats an answer to you.

    thirdly, you compared words of both the articles, can u explain how come two people in almost same span of time think about the exact same thing because what sana bucha wrote is the summary of saeed shah's article.

  15. Woah … manzoor. U the same famous Watoo or just a coincidence that you have the same name. Anyways, great defence !! where they hell were you when i was in School !!!???

  16. shame on u.where is your slogans

  17. What utter crap. You people need to find something better to do. The problem with the Pakistani nation is that they like to critique and comment without reading and analyzing. Everyone will jump to criticize without looking at the facts. Sana is a senior journalist, with a decade of experience in doing what she does. I remember reading pieces by her 8-9 years ago in Newsline. And frankly Mr. Saeed Shah – the Economist dude is a sorry nobody and we shouldn’t flatter him by alleging that someone copied from his piece. Sana is far bigger a journalist and a celebrity than Saeed Shah would ever be!

    So for you kids out here with nothing to do, let me break it down for you. Economist published Saeed Shah’s article on the 14th, while Sana’s article was published on the 17th- a Sunday. Any senior journalist writing for a newspaper knows that Sunday columns are finalized on Friday hence it must have been sent in on the 15th (Friday). In one day, Economist is not even searchable on the internet since Google takes at least 2 days to index a page and since Saeed Shah’s article is from the Print Edition, Economist would have published it on Monday in Print i.e. 18th of July. Hence, not possible to plagiarize.

    Secondly, the following are the similarities:

    Sana’s Article:

    When ‘incredibles’ sulk!

    Even at the best of times between Pakistan and the US it would seem unusual

    for the latter’s embassy in Islamabad to organise a recent gathering for

    homosexuals. While some in the country accused the US of conspiring to

    contaminate our so-called conservative society, another political party

    dismissed this vulgarity as “cultural terrorism”.

    Economist Article by Saeed Shah:

    In a sulk

    EVEN at the best of times it would have seemed unusual for America’s embassy

    in Islamabad to organise its recent gathering for “gay, lesbian, bisexual

    and transgender” people. Given the grim state of bilateral relations, the

    meeting looked downright provocative. Some in Pakistan’s religiously

    conservative society promptly accused America of conspiring to attack them

    by spreading outrageously liberal sexual views. One Islamic political party

    called it “cultural terrorism”.



    Even at the best of times

    Cultural Terrorism

    1. Sulk is used as a theme not by Economist but originally by Ayaz Amir in his column titled “The Long Sulk” printed on June 17 in The News ( And I don’t think ‘Sulk’ as a word has been copyrighted by anyone. Moreover, the same day as of the Economist article, Shandana Minhas wrote a column called “Sulk, burn” printed in The News (

    2.Even at the best of times is an idiom! For God’s Sake! You all have internet, search. There are numerous articles beginning with this idiom. Maybe Al-Jazeera should sue Economist’s Saeed Shah for plagiarizing their article published on 28 Feb ( which starts: “Even at the best of times, Pakistan-US relations have been marred by mistrust.” And is extremely similar to the Economist article.

    3. “Cultural Terrorism” is a phrase coined by Jamat-e-Islami while reacting to the American Gay Party! Also search the internet. The term was used lavishly by Pakistani and international authors and publications:

    Here on in, the Economist Article is on US-Pakistan relationship and The News article focuses on Karachi, Zulfiqar Mirza and Malik Ishaque. Frankly, The Economist article is way boring than The News one!

    Lastly, really do you think an Experienced and Honest Journalist like Sana would be stupid enough to copy paste from an article? The Economist piece is hardly inspirational when his first paragraph reads “similar to” Jamaat-e-Islami’s press release and then followed by Ghalib Sultan’s blog on the 5th of July. (

    Has anyone wondered if this could be a coincidence? Since the order of stories in both articles is exactly the way they unfolded over the week! Sheesh!

    And for the so called pseudo journos here who think they know journalism. Isn’t the fundamental rule is to never accuse someone unless you have taken their point of view or someone representing them has given their point of view? And then you choose to criticize.

    Go do something useful. There are a handful of journalists left in this industry who are not tainted by political parties or the establishment. Let them do their jobs.

    • well what ever you say she just used different words to say the same thing. i believe if you dont have anything to say dont say.

    • Miss Sana? I remember your changing angles of body and mouth when you accuse others of corruption, what about your own intellectual corruption? By the way this is the worst form of corruption. A president from another country had to leave his seat because of plagiarism charges. 
      When will you host a program about defending your plagiarism? You will make a perfect idiot out of yourself even then.

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