Twitter on MQM decision to quite government


Here is what people say about MQM decision to quiet government and resignation of Dr Ishratul Ibad as Sindh governor , southern province of Pakistan.


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@mirza9 when will Rehman Malik come and apply soothing balm so they can all make up
Rectified_Guy :#MQM decided to move away from federal government led by Pakistan People’s Party ( #PPP ).
HamzaBalouch :#mqm Vs #ppp,mqm is like those who go on strike for increasing pay..after few days of no reply,they again start work with same pay:)
djahmedbilal :Should we expect more violence in #KARACHI as #mqm will sit on opposition benches now? Get ready for fire works and stay safe all friends
TheZubairAhmed :#MQM likely to finally divorce #PPP and sit on opposition benches today. Mind you: President Zardari is in London.
khnaveed:Zulfikar Mirza the new CM of Sindh …God Bless #Karachi.. #MQM
faizanlakhani :#MQM quits government, once again.
Mehmal :Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad will also resign #MQM
@Razarumi excuses. Let’s have ideology for a change. They can bring 100’s of 1000’s out on street but don’t when needed ie 4 ST & Bhatti
Razarumi :Good luck to them and #Karachi
Maria_Memon :#PPP & #MQM..Gloves Off!!! Will prez #Zardari b able 2 smooth things out with #Altaf Bhai..?.All this and more on
Mehmal :#MQM quits the government, Zulfiqar Mirza might become CM Sindh. More trouble in #Karachi I guess 🙁
XIApk Karachites stay safe coz #MQM is not a part of Government and they dont like that nor they are use to it #Karachi #divorce
farihaak :Was supposed to stay late at office to wrap up all pending tasks but after #MQM separation i am confused whether or not i should :S
Politics in Pakistan, never a dull moment PPP team up with Q could MQM team up with N? Whatever happens there’ll be more killings in Karachi
Don’t know if Karachi will burn after MQM’s departure from govt, but Aafia Siddique banners are sure to return.

Good move by #MQM in leaving govt. Now they can claim in nxt election that they weren’t part of PPP govt n corruption