Superstitious Beliefs!


The beliefs, which are deemed irrational or outside rationality without having logic, are called superstitious. The word is s often used pejoratively to refer to beliefs deemed irrational. Superstitious is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by a particular unrelated prior events or incident.

In today’s world it is applied to conceptions without foundation in, or in contravention of, scientific and logical knowledge. Here are some examples of superstitions or superstitious belief prevailing in our society.

1.     Gemstones:

People believe gemstone can actually make a difference in their lives, like Emerald, Cat’s-Eye, Aquamarine, Diamond & Amber etc have powers to protect against diseases, evil & any sort of problems and that brings wisdom, success and popularity.

2. Evil Eye:

People strongly belive that evil eye exists, like if someone is feeling not well after coming from a party or has lost some achievements or etc then the person will must think that he/she is affected by some devil eyes.

3. Solar eclipse:

Local mythology suggests burying paralyzed children in sand and exposing them to solar eclipse, helps overcoming paralysis, well its like the doctors are wasting time in treating paralysed patients.

4.Black cat:

If a black cat crosses you from the front, It is cosidered as bad luck and that something wrong or harmful will happen, as the cat can’t go its way or where would it wonder except roads.

5.Broken Mirror:

It is still largely believed that looking into a broken mirror or breaking the mirror can bring seven years of bad luck in one’s life unless the affected finds a way to counteract the negative effects.


When a crow crows at some ones window, it anticipates the arrival of guests. some believe crows are the oldest animals and they can see and sense in which house the guests are coming and that the crows are smart enough to figure it out.


When the left eye is blinking it indicates something bad is going to happen & the best part is that you know something gonna happen but  you cant stop it .

8.Scissors & Umbrella:

Opening the scissors and then closing it without a reason can cause family problems at home and similar is the case with umbrella.


One will be travelling in a near future, if when taking out shoes or slippers and accidently they get crossed in a manner that one piece is on another in a position of


If there is itching on the right palm of your hand, you will get some money and when in left palm you will loss money.