No chance to end gas load shedding in near future


Islamabad: Pakistan Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has refused to give any deadline to end the gas load shedding and warned the people and industrialists to get prepared for it till September.

As per schedule for gas load shedding issued by Ministry of Petroleum, the country would have to face the shortfall of some 445 million cubic feet per day (MCFD) in the month of May, which would be increased to 465 MCFD in the month of June.

Similarly the deficit of natural gas would touch to 404 million MCFD in the month of July and would decrease down to 301 MCFD in August.

Due to huge shortfall load shedding for fertilizers plants will be continued for four days a week , while CNG stations would remain close on two days a week  and other industry would not get the supply of the gas for three days per week , as already announced by the gas distribution companies.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has also  presented a report in the parliamentary committee for provincial coordination that there is not any scope to finish gas  crises in the near future as the demand of natural gas is on constant rise in the country.

The difference between demand and supply of the gas was between 500 mcfd to 1000 million cubic feet per day during the period of November 2010 to March 2011.

The report also revealed that the deficit of gas could prevail in Pakistan till 2019 and during next financial year, this shortfall will rise to 1970 million cubic feet per day, wheras the deficit will rise gradually as it will reach to 1985 mcfd in 2012-13, 2087 MCFD in 2013-14and 2545 million cubic feet per day during 2014-15.

Similarly the deficiency of gas would touch 3133 MCFD in financial year of 2015-16 which would reach the highest level of 4164 MCFD during fiscal year of 2018-19.