US drones kill six in South Waziristan

Peshawar: Two  US drones fired seven missiles in North west Pakistan’s tribal region near Afghan border,killing at least six and injuring several people, sources said on Wednesday.

The sources said the two US spy planes targeted a residential complex and motorcycle  in Angoor Adda  area of Tehsil Bermal in South Waziristan.

The sources told The News Tribe that the planes targeted pro-government Maulvi Nazir group, however the deceased were said to be common tribal men.

The drones hit Pakistan tribal region after 27 days.At least 41 people were killed and several injured when a US spy plane fired missile on a house in Datta Khel tribal region on March 17 a day after release of CIA contractor Raymond Davis involved in killing two Pakistanis in Lahore, triggering a diplomatic row between both the allies.Pakistan had strongly condemned the attack and killing of innocent people.

Intelligence operations between both the countries were frozen after the January incident.Director General of Pakistan’s top Spy agency ISI General Pasha  on April 11 visited US and met CIA  Chief Leon Panetta. The reports said that he had urged CIA to cut operations in Pakistan and share details of its operatives working in Pakistan.

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