9mm, Sign of death in Karachi


Small pistols turned into sign of death as the police investigation revealed that 95 per cent of the target killings in Karachi were executed with 9mm and 30 bore pistols; sources told The News Tribe.

An estimated 113 people have been murdered and some 96 targeted during the last 20 days of current month, among them more than 101 was hit by such small weapons.

Sources said that now police has started to collect the data about the weapon dealers. It has been decided to collect the record from the dealers about the purchasers of such type of weapons.

Sources in police said that culprits use this weapon because of its small size and it’s easy to keep with the body while usage of such weapons are easier as compare to other.

On the other hand there is a large number of 9mm and 30bore pistols present in the market at cheaper rates. A weapon dealer told The News Tribe on anonymity that Pakistani made 9mm pistol cost is 12000 to 35000 while 30bore pistol cost is 4000 to 11000. Bullets of 9mm pistol cost 32 to 40 rupees and 30 bore pistol cost 28 to 30 rupees. China made 9mm pistols cost is 30,000 to 150,000 while 30 bore pistol cost is 15,000 to 50,000.

Dealer said that illegal (smuggled weapons) are avail able at much cheaper rates as 9mm pistol could be purchased at cost of 5000 to 8000 while 30 bore pistol available at 4000 to 6000. Illegal bullets of such weapons are avail able at 10 to 15 rupees.

Weapon dealer said that purchasers showed interest in such type of small size weapons which encouraged the dealers to import of huge quantity.

“China as well as Pakistan is making copies of American, German and Russian made weapons with material of good quality”, he said and added that performance of such copied weapons could not be questioned.

It has been learnt that there are places in the country where different groups are assembling arms imported from various countries. These groups also have the expertise to manufacture the deadly weapons by themselves.

Sources said that Dara Adam Khel and tribal areas of Pakistan are the places where weapons are readily available, while residents of these areas also have possess an expertise of making Kalashnikovs, repeaters, Beretta pistols, Uzi, light machine guns, rocket launchers, hand grenades and other sophisticated weapons While these weapons are being sold at high prices in the market.

The groups in Karachi have contacts in the weapon market of tribal areas and allegedly involved in weapon smuggling in Karachi from NWFP.

Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) has arrested some of arms suppliers from Karachi, who had been active for many years and supplied huge cache of heavy weapons to various groups and anti-social elements working in the city. The CID police also recovered large numbers of arms from their possession.

The forensics division of the Sindh police has started drafting a record of people dealing in weaponry of these bores. According to them, in 2010 alone, 125,000 9mm pistols were sold.

Some weapons dealers have even sold 9mm pistols after punching in similar serial numbers. And then huge quantity of weapons has no serial numbers as well.

It may be recalled that target killings have plagued Karachi since last three years. An estimated more than 3500 people have been murdered and some 113 targeted in the current month.