I am servant of Pakistan, says Jimmy Engineer


Karachi: Internationally renowned Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer says he wants to serve the country in the field of arts.

During an interview with The News Tribe at his studio he said that he has portrayed almost all the phases of subcontinent’s partition.

The artist said however my entire family has settled abroad, but I preferred to live and serving my beloved country Pakistan.

He started to paint since his childhood when he was only five years old. In this regard my parents always appreciated me, he said.

“Long lasting struggle in right direction is the key of success. I used to work 17 to 18 hours a day, with out feeling tiredness. Nowadays students of art avoid practice and hard work and desire for high destinations. Resultantly Pakistan is facing a vacuum in regard with new talent,” Jimmy Engineer viewed.

Exploring his childhood he said, “I often think that Allah Almighty sent me in this world for some noble cause probably to serve Pakistan. When I was a school going children at the age of 6, both of my kidneys failed.

Doctors excused my parents for my life. They supposed my life for maximum 6 months. Various prominent doctors of that time verified it. After the deadline given by doctors I did not died, and then my parents took me to a doctor for check up. He was amazed to observe that both of my kidneys were working properly. According to doctors my kidneys were replaced.” It had not been done by doctor, Allah had done it, since then till date I am just returning the gratitude to Allah, he added.

He said that his area of interest was to paint the scenes of 1947 partition. Speaking about its background he told that in the decade of 1970 he used to have dreams of massacre, bloodshed and brutality. Later a Sufi told him that nature wanted him to paint the scenes of partition. So I started painting scenes from partition, Jimmy said.

Besides the scenes of partition and migration he also painted the poems of Allama Iqbal, on the request of Iqbal’s son.

He told that being an artist, a peace activist and as a human rights activist, he walked thousands of miles for various noble causes including spreading awareness, love and harmony.

Though I have painted all subjects including landscape, abstract, history, philosophy, wars and tragedies, I am still a learner. A man will achieve new destinations on the path of success, if he learns, while realizing himself a student, he said.

Exposing the secret behind his achievements, he said that he only follows and idealize the “Al-Musaver” instead of any human being. The sense of having a relation with Almighty provides me a great pleasure and satisfaction.

He applauded the role of Mother Teresa and said that she was a wonderful woman, who devoted her life to humanity. I donated thousands of my prints to her when she visited Pakistan, Jimmy said.

The greatest reward of my contribution is the respect and love, which I have received from the people of Pakistan. Besides this I have received various awards including Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Life time achievement award for Humanitarian services by Karachi Welfare Citizen Organization and many others, he told The News Tribe.

He further told that he was also selected among World’s top15 painters in a contest in the United States and his artwork was declared as the Paintings of International Standard.

I want to educate people through my art. I paint to enlighten the minds of our young generation and to aware them about our history, he said.–Asad Farooq Baloch